Hybrid Chat

Hybrid Chat is a business-to-customer chat solution that unifies customer chats across channels. You can use chatbots as primary chat participant or as a an agent assistant.

You can connect multiple chat channels including SMS, Web chatWhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook.

Rasa.ai is shipped as an integrated bot solution while other bots may be integrated via the bot API.

Hybrid Chat can be integrated with Cisco Contact Center Express and Enterprise and uses same contact center agents for routing chat requests while Cisco CC routes them voice calls. See Cisco Finesse Integration

It can also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Hybrid Chat agent is embedded in Unified Service Desk. This allows customer identification from MS-CRM on chat arrival and chat events in CRM for reporting.

Chat Channels

Hybrid Chat provides integration with chat channels including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Web-Chat, and SMS. For further details on each of the supported channels, follow the relevant links below: 

For developing additional chat channels use the Channel Integration API.


Hybrid Chat contains rasa.ai out-of-box but it can be integrated with Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS or any chatbot implementing Chatbot API. The chatbot may serve the customer directly as a primary interface or assists the human agent by giving suggestions on every customer query. To learn how Hybrid Chat integrates with a bot, see: 

Release Summary

In this release, a new agent state PENDING_NOT_READY is introduced for the agent to clear all pending chats before leaving. A bot-2-customer structured message exchange via WhatsApp is now supported. Supervisor announcements for agents and Priority routing based on customer is now also available. See Release notes for details.


Hybrid Chat is a set of distributed components deployed as a Docker container. See Docker-based Deployment for deploying on Linux. An experimental container-less Windows-based deployment is also supported. See Product Deployment for details.

Demo environment

For details on how to access our demo labs, see here.