Finesse Gadget deployment

Using FileZilla or similar ftp client, deploy the gadget by following these steps.

1Get the finesse gadget files from Chat-Solution/Finesse-gadget directory.


Open AgentGadget.js file, and enter the agent gadget URL (http://chat-solution-server-ip:8085 or https://chat-solution-server-ip:8448) in 


3Open FileZilla client and connect with finesse server, add finesse IP in host, username should be “3rdpartygadget”, password you can retrieve/change using putty. Port should be 22

4After successful connectivity with the finesse server you will see the folder “files” highlighted above
5Create a new folder under file with name “AgentGadget”

6Open the newly created folder and paste all the extracted files in that folder.
7Open finesse cfadmin, go to desktop layout and add “<gadget>/3rdpartygadget/files/AgentGadget/AgentGadget.xml</gadget>” and save the settings.
8Login the agent, you will see the agent gadget here.

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