Viber Integration

Customer Channel Manager provides out-of-the-box integration with Viber.

Login to your Viber account through PC.

Create a Bot Account, after creation of bot account a token will be shown to you. 

Copy the account token and add it to sms-connector environment variables  VIBER_AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN.

To register or unregister web-hook follow these instructions add your webhook url against url key https://<fqdn>/sms/viber-message/receive.

In order to start chat with Viber scan QR Code from your bot account.

After scanning Publish account by selecting publish account button from the screen. Now start chatting.

SMS-Connector Environment Variables for Viber Integration 

Variable Name



Token form Viber Bot account.


Username shown to customer with each message.


Viber outbound Api Url to send messages to customer through viber bot account.


File engine url to upload files and images to.


Message shown in case message not processed successfully or for any error.