Release Notes 3.12.0

This release covers UX enhancements in web-chat and the UX enhancements for Agent and Supervisor. 

What's New

Web Chat Enhancements 

File Sending (optional)File sending was previously an always available feature from web-chat. With this release, it's an optional feature that can be controlled from configurations.
Differentiate each participant message with a different background colour

Previously, the customer and agent messages were of the same colour. This was confusing mainly for supervisors during silent monitoring. The background of chat message is now different for each type of participant in all the following:

  • conference chat
  • silent monitoring and barge-in
  • chat transcript
  • customer conversation history
WCAG ComplianceWCAG Compliance report is prepared and made available with the current status of web-chat compliance.

Increase/decrease font-size

A font-size control is added to the web-chat that a customer can use to adjust the font-size from the given three options, i) regular, ii) large, iii) huge.

Mobile View ResponsivenessThe web-chat widget now takes full screen of the mobile screen size for a better user experience.

Agent UX Enhancements


Use the last 2 phone number digits for the Avatar 

When the customer channel identity is hidden, the agent needs some information to distinguish an SMS/WhatsApp customer from the other. Therefore, the last 2 digits of the phone number in avatar (display pic) are shown.
Threaded view as an optional display layout A threaded view shows messages in a zig-zag view where agent messages are right aligned and customer and other participating agent messages are left aligned. This view also at times confuses supervisors while monitoring. Therefore, threaded view is now an optional feature controlled from Agent Gadget Environment Variables. If THREADED_VIEW is set to false, all messages are aligned as per language default. For all LTR languages such as English, messages are shown left-to-right and for all RTL languages such as Arabic, messages are shown right-to-left.

Keep conversation visible to the agent after the customer leaves

When the customer leaves, the chat disappears from the agent view also. This setting confuses agent a bit and the reason of chat ending is unknown to the agent. This setting can now be controlled using CLOSE_CHAT_DELAY from Agent Gadget Environment Variables

Selective Browser notifications

When Browser notifications are enabled there are too many notifications for each type of event. This can now be controlled with BROWSER_NOTIF_LEVEL from Agent Gadget Environment Variables

Highlight Active chat in the toolbar

When there are multiple chats being handled by one agent, the user interface is not making the active chat very prominent.

Active chat is now prominently highlighted for the agent to clearly distinguish an active chat from others in the chat navigation pane.

Improved Agent gadget auto-login experience in Cisco Finesse

When agent log into Finesse, the embedded Hybrid chat gadget shows a login form. With auto-login feature, this form is now disabled show a spinning wheel indicating background auto-login function progress.

Supervisor announcements optional 

Supervisor announcement feature is now optional. Both agent/supervisor will see this function only if it's enabled using ENABLE_ANNOUNCEMENTS from Chat Environment Variables
Hand-raise optionalHand-raise by agent is now an optional feature. HANDRAISE_ENABLED from Agent Gadget Environment Variables

Message composer background enhanced

The message composer section is enhanced with a strong border line differentiating it from adjacent sections.
Distinguish monitored session

A supervisor can now distinguish a monitored chat-session from other active chats with a solid blue eye icon on the avatar.

Typing Indicator

A Typing Indicator gif is now visible both to the agent and the customer on web-chat when the other party is typing. 

Queue Stats Gadget

In Supervisor Queue stats gadget, added following two addition fields: 

  1. Active - total number of active agents in this queue
  2. Busy - total number of busy agents in this queue 

CUIC Relative Report filter

A relative date filter is added in Chat Detail Report in all CUIC custom reports of Hybrid Chat. You can now generate report on any of the following relative date filters. 

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • Last week

Fixed Issues

Issue SummaryJIRA Issue

Agent is not getting chat requests in sequence MAJOR

CSN-2249 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Slowness issue during load test for multiple steps Queue MAJOR

CSN-4046 - Getting issue details... STATUS

On an agent gadget interface, when an agent receives a message from the customer, the unread message counter displays "2" instead of "1". MINOR

CSN-3750 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Open Issues

Issue SummaryJIRA IssuePriorityWorkaround
Reporting Connector -->Reporting connector is up but there is no consumer against reporting queue on ActiveMQ. This blocks the data being sent to the SQL database for reporting purposes.

CSN-3793 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Restart Reporting connector
/var/lib/expertflow path is hardcoded

CSN-4168 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Make sure to deploy the solution on the default path.
USD-->"Server not connected" shows on agent-gadget when we send an emoji.

CSN-4166 - Getting issue details... STATUS


"Agents are not available" is being shown on customer gadget

CSN-4165 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Agents are not able to Login, HC integrated with CCX 12.5 that extensions starts with +1.

WESTBANK-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Issue is fixed but still needs verification by QA as extensions like +123456789 can't be added in CUCM and IPCC team is looking into it.
UMM taking too much time on syncing agents. For 2000 agents it takes more than 25 minutes to sync for the first time.

CSN-3858 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Send Outbound Message Window -> If there is a delay in sending outbound SMS, there is a possibility that the agent can hit the send button multiple times, resulting into the same SMS being sent multiple times, because the UI disappears only when the SMS has been successfully sent.

CSN-3861 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Wait for a few seconds before trying to send the message again
If priority routing is configured, and the CIM APIs to check customer's priority are not available for some reason, the chat is not routed to an agent.

CSN-3721 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Agent as a finesse gadget --> Sometime the agent gadget in Finesse displays in the minimized state and agent cannot perform any action.

CSN-3505 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Refresh the browser if the issue occurs
Agent Gadget->> Alignment of text box is from left to right instead of right to left in Arabic Language.

CSN-3601 - Getting issue details... STATUS


While on the customer gadget, if the browser gets refreshed, an error occurs for a few seconds before the customer gadget is restored again.

CSN-3361 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Chat server doesn't close chats whose customer left when chat server was down

CSN-3246 - Getting issue details... STATUS


End the chat manually from the agent gadget.
Agent Gadget->> Broken image shows in agent gadget when sms is sent through smpp sim client.

CSN-3045 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Agent Gadget Login button's text translation is not working.

CSN-3044 - Getting issue details... STATUS


When the agent gets logged-out and logs-in again within the reconnect time, his chats are restored BUT the session time of the chats get reset.

CSN-1983 - Getting issue details... STATUS


CIM APIs are not being accessed on HTTPs from chat server.

CSN-3722 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Workaround in  Priority Routing documentation
Mobile App: When an agent tries to send a file with the file-size more than 5MBs, a certain HTML code appears on the screen.

CSN-3868 - Getting issue details... STATUS


There is a close button that appears as well. Clicking on the close button clear the HTML code
Mobile App: If an agent open an attachment received from the customer, there is no option to close the attachment and go back to the chat conversation interface. If the agent uses the mobile phones "Go-back" button, he gets logged out of the agent gadget.

CSN-3869 - Getting issue details... STATUS


There is no profile for Portainer so if its down or removed you've to fix it manually

CSN-4197 - Getting issue details... STATUS


You can start Portainer via command

Release Test Highlights

This release has only tested with UCCE 11.6, UCCX 11.6 and UCCX 12.0.

Rasa bot is trained only for English Language and tested with Standard Rasa 1.4.5. It is also tested with Articulate in English, French and Arabic Language. 

For other channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook & Viber), this release is only tested with Twilio trial account, Facebook developers tester account, Viber tester account, SMS SMPP with selenium and is not tested in the production environment.

Embedded Agent gadget is tested in Finesse and USD but not tested as an embedded app in CRM.

Agent gadget mobile app has also been tested.

Agent and customer gadgets are tested on Google Chrome and Firefox only. 

Only Basic scenarios are covered during load testing but thorough load testing is still required 

Test cycle for Windows based deployment is not done for this release.

Release Limitations

  • This release is not compatible with Rasa version below 1.x.
  • This release should only be deployed on default path i.e. /var/lib/expertflow.
  • Some functions in High Availability deployment may not work. 
  • Separate deployment of Customer-Gadget via deployment script is not functional 
  • Windows based chat solution is not up to date
  • In case of out bound message via agent interface, the agent will get the confirmation message "SMS sent successfully" for failed or not-delivered messages also