Solution Components and Architecture

The Hybrid Chat solution is an API based integration framework that exposes mainly three kinds of APIs. 

Customer API

You can use Customer API to develop customer channel applications such as web widget, an SMS client, a Facebook, telegram, WhatsApp or similar connector for the Chat solution. The integration app may be embedded in a mobile or a web app.

Live Chat, Web Callback, and integration with Twilio (for SMS) is available out of the box.

Chatbot API

Use Chatbot API to integrate any chatbot with Hybrid Chat. Connector for Rasa bot is available out of the box. Integration with DialogFlow and IBM Watson has also been tested but not yet generally available. Integration with other chatbots may be developed using the same Chatbot API.

Agent API

Use Agent API to use human agent features and controls in a CRM application, a mobile app, or integrate with other agent channel applications such as MS Teams. A web-based agent gadget is shipped out of the box that can also be embedded in Cisco Finesse Agent/Supervisor desktop as a Finesse gadget.

Extern API

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Solution Architecture

Core Components

Core solution core components are covered in the middle tier with a light-blue background.

Messaging Core

A message routing logic is defined in the Messaging core. It routes messages between customer channel, bot, and the human agent.  It keeps track of a conversation and its participants.

It communicates with:

  • customer channels via Customer API

  • Bots via Bot API

  • Human agents via Agent API

Communication Service

Communication Server maintains updated agent states for non-voice MRDs. It routes messages to available chat agents.

It processes all the agent state change events.

Reporting Service

A real-time data publishing service that publishes all the chat solution reporting events to Chat solution database for the reporting purposes.

Media Routing Engine

Used to reserve agents and route new messages.

The Routing API running on top of this service integrates with Media Routing Engine (MRE) to synchronize fetch and reserve agents for media-blending with Cisco contact center agents.

User Management

handles both Standalone agents and contact center agents. It stays in sync with the Cisco contact center via Synchronizer.  

Live Chat Customer Widget

An out of the box live-chat customer widget is available that's built on Hybrid Chat Customer API. The widget can be embedded in any website and can be configured for Live Chat, Web Callback, or both. 

Agent Gadget

Agent chat gadget is the web application interface for contact center agents to receive and answer chat requests. The gadget may be loaded in Finesse as a finesse gadget. See Agent gadget user guide for the gadget features and limitations.