Solution Prerequisites

Following are the prerequisites for setting up Hybrid Chat solution under different deployment profiles. 

Hybrid Chat Core

Hybrid Chat Core with Rasa

Hybrid Chat Core with Knowledge base

Hardware Sizing

For up to 50 concurrent agents4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 150 GB HDD

8 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD

*two separate VMs may be required

8 vCPU, 12 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD

Software Requirements

Certificates for HTTPS
  • Certificates from a valid signing authority or Domain signed certificate required for https protocol support

System Access Requirements
  • Administrative privileges (root) on the host machine are required to proceed with installation.
  • Port 443 must be open to clone skeleton project from Gitlab
  • Port 9242 (for external use ) will be open. We are cloning the repository from a local gitlab over this port.

  • We provide support both ENH (enhanced) and PRE (premium) licenses
  • Cisco Socialminer is not a necessary prerequisite for the Hybrid Chat solution
  • All versions of Cisco Contact Center which have Cisco Finesse are supported (9.0 and onward)

Browser Compatibility

Agent Gadget


Google Chrome

  •  80.0.3987.122
Mozilla Firefox(tick)
  • 74.0b7(32-bit)
  • 69.0.3 (64-bit)

Customer Gadget


Google Chrome

  •  80.0.3987.122
Mozilla Firefox(tick)
  • 74.0b7 (32-bit)
  • 69.0.3 (64-bit)
  • 63.0.3368.107
Safari (OSX)(error)

Safari (Windows)(error)--
Internet Explorer(tick)
  • 11.805.17763.0
  1. Browser Notifications are not supported by IE
  2. Some Emoji icons may not be visible.
  3. In Internet Options>General>Settings>Temporary Internet settings, under "Check for newer versions of stored pages", following option must be selected:
    "Every time I visit the webpage".
Microsoft Edge(tick)
  • 44.17763.771.0

Port Utilisation

The following ports should be opened on Hybrid Chat. 

Source HostDestination Host / Docker ContainerSource PortDestination PortCommunication ProtocolScopeDescription
1Fb / Viber / TwilioReverse Proxy (facing internet)any8443HTTPSpublic

Third party applications send messages to Hybrid Chat via this port. NGINX Reverse proxy exposes this port and it must be accessible publicly.

2Web ChatReverse Proxy (facing internet)any8443HTTPSpublicWeb Chat gadget creates full duplex connection with Chat Server via NGINX Reverse proxy 8443, this port must be accessible publicly for Web Chat to function.
3Agent GadgetReverse Proxy (facing LAN)any443HTTPSprivateAgent gadget is accessible via 443 and it also creates connection with Chat Server via NGINX Reverse Proxy over port 443.
4File EngineViber APIs via Forward Proxyany3128TCPprivateFile Engine connects to Viber APIs via forward proxy.
5Customer Channel ManagerFB / Twilio / Viber APIs via Forward Proxyany3128TCPprivateCustomer Channel Manager sends messages to Facebook, Twilio and Viber via forward proxy
6NGINX Reverse Proxy Internet Facing ProfileHybrid Chat Componentsany8497, 8482, 8451, 8495, 8449HTTPSpublicThese components are to be accessible publicly in order to facilitate Web Chat & Social Media Platforms integration:
  1. Easy Announcements & Business Calendars
  2. Customer Channel Manager
  3. File Engine
  4. Customer Gadget
  5. ECM

7NGINX Reverse Proxy Internet Facing ProfileChat Serverany8444HTTPSpublic Customer Gadget creates full duplex connection with Chat Server. Customer Gadget connects to NGINX over 8443 which translates the connection to 8444 in internal LAN
8NGINX Reverse Proxy LAN Facing ProfileHybrid Chat Componentsany8497, 8447, 8446, 8454, 8482, 8455, 8495, 8449, 8450, 8452, 8448HTTPSprivate

NGINX reverse proxy needs connection to following components in order for Agent Gadget, UMM, & Mre Frontend to function:

  1. Mre, Mre Microservice, Mre UI
  2. ECM, ECM Frontend
  3. Easy Announcements & Business Calendars
  4. Customer Channel Manager
  5. File Engine
  6. Agent Gadget, Customer Gadget
  7. Database Connector
  8. Knowledgebase
  9. User Management
9NGINX Reverse Proxy LAN Facing ProfileChat Serverany8444HTTPSprivateAgent Gadget creates full duplex connection with Chat Server. Agent Gadget connects to NGINX over 8443 which translates the connection to 8444 in internal LAN.
10Hybrid Chat ComponentsMS Sql Serverany1433TCPprivateMS Sql Server is used to store Hybrid Chat Reporting database.
11Hybrid Chat ComponentsFinesse REST APIsany8445HTTPSprivateUsed to login agent and change agent state (Voice MRD) for Media Blending. For further details, see 2020-04-21_06-35-19_Cisco Finesse integration with Chat Solution.
12Hybrid Chat ComponentsFinesse XMPP Serverany5222TCPprivateUsed to subscribe for agent events for Voice MRD. For further details, see Cisco Finesse Integration with Chat Solution.
13Customer Channel ManagerSMPP Gatewayany2775TCPprivateCustomer Channel Manager connects to SMPP Gateway for sending/receiving SMS.

Between Cisco Finesse and Hybrid Chat

SourceDestinationProtocolSource PortDestination PortDescription
Communication ServerCisco FinesseREST via HTTPSanyFinesse REST API (8445)

Communication Server sends agents state change requests to Cisco Finesse. It bypasses SSL certificate verification.

User Management Module (UMM)Cisco FinesseREST via HTTPSanyFinesse REST API (8445)

To synchronize the Cisco Finesse agent with UMM. UMM requires Finesse admin credentials to perform this action

Cisco XMPP ServerCommunication ServerXMPP
5222 (un-secure)Communication Server subscribes to Finesse XMPP service for all agent state change events. This communication is un-secure and agents Finesse credentials are used to subscribe to XMPP events.

(lightbulb) Time Synchronization

Communication between Chat Solution, client applications, Cisco Finesse and external reporting carry timestamps. If the system dates and time are not synchronized the system can produce unpredictable results. Therefore, please make every effort to adhere to the following time synchronization guidelines:

Chat Solution, client applications, Cisco Finesse and external reporting database  should have their Time Zone and time configured properly according to the geographic region and synchronized. To configure the time zone, please see the instructions from the hardware or software manufacturer of NTP server. Client applications and EF Connector should be synchronized to the second. This synchronization should be maintained continuously and validated on a regular basis. For security reasons, Network Time Protocol (NTP) V 4.1+ is recommended.