System Limitations

Following are the System Limitations

Agent & Customer Gadget

  • The supervisor doesn't have the following features:
    • Conference Chat
    • Transfer Chat
  • Supervisor must be part of the team which he is supervising, in case of secondary supervisor unexpected behavior is expected.
  • Chat gets ended from customer gadget on refresh browser. If the user starts chat again with same phone number before INACTIVITY TIMEOUT runs out, the same chat is started from the point where it left off and is not routed again. If INACTIVITY TIMEOUT runs out and customer initiates a chat with the same phone number, the chat is en-queued for routing and routed to an available agent.
  • The agent doesn't get a notification when MRE service is down.

Browser Related

  • Browser Notifications are not supported in Internet Explorer. For more information, refer to Microsoft Developer Network.
  • Browser notifications are not supported in Finesse 

Contact Center Integration

  • Agents must log in via Agent Gadget embedded in Finesse. Logging into Agent Gadget in Standalone Browser tab might lead the system to an unstable state where any other user is unable to login with the same extension which is used to log in.

Standalone Mode

  • Agent username is case sensitive in standalone mode. Agent can get undefined undefined  if he/she tries to login with the wrong case of username. It is advised to use lowercase usernames in standalone mode.

Media Routing Engine

  • Single-step precision queues are permitted by MRE. Multiple steps are discarded by MRE if configured using MRE-UI and only first step is used for agent association with that Precision Queue.
  • When a queue is created/deleted or an attribute is deleted using MRE-UI, MRE needs a restart to reflect changes.
  • If the agent is deleted from MRE-UI, that agent will be re-synced from UMM when Chat Solution is configured with Contact Center Integration Mode.
  • If the agent is updated in UCCE, It's impact doesn't reflect in MRE-UI
  • If Mre_Agent role is deleted/assigned to any agent in UMM we need to restart MRE to reflect changes
  • Chat doesn't route to the newly added agent in UCCE, MRE needs to be restarted.

Host Machine Crash / Reboot

  • When a host machine is crashed/rebooted. Chat solution needs to be started once before continuing regular operations. This can be done via:

    # considering current working directory is /chat-solution/

    Input the configuration that is currently deployed to start the solution.

  • Need to restart solution after making changes in reverse proxy
  • If NGINX doesn't come up / reroute to services after host machine restart. It needs to be started manually i.e.

    systemctl start nginx
    # if NGINX is unable to start in SELinux environment due to permissions, disable enforcement and start the service
    setenforce 0
    systemctl <start / restart> nginx

Third-Party Components

  • All Chatbot related components should be deployed on a separate machine with minimum specs of the machine 4vCPUs and 8GBs RAM.


  • .The chat will never en-queued when MRE is down hence no queue details will be available in a reporting database for that chat