Unexpected Scenarios

IssueUnexpected Behavior

CSN-1021 - Getting issue details... STATUS

On restore, chat-server:

  1. sends a chat-server-restore AMQ message to communication-server.
  2. The communication-server sets all logged in agents state to UNKNOWN.
    • All offered (and not accepted) chat requests are re-queued. If we don't change the state of a logged in agent to UNKNOWN, all the offered chats (not yet accepted by the agent) will never be rerouted due to a limitation in the communication-server.
  3. The chat-server socket.IO server starts accepting connection requests
  4. Disconnected agents get auto-reconnected but in an UNKNOWN state regardless of their previous state before disconnection.
  5. All conversations previously active on the agent are restored.

The agent cannot receive new chat requests until the agent changes the state to READY.