Customer Web Gadget Features

The customer gadget is an embedded widget for a website. After its installation on the customer web server, following two sticky buttons are visible on the website.


Chat Request

Clicking on the chat request button will pop-up this form in the browser language.

The customer will have to fill out this form to initiate a chat session.

Upon filling the above form the Chat window will load. The customer is notified as an agent joins the conversation. Here “Test UCCE” is agent name.

The customer can write any plain text message in the “Type Message here” area and send the message.

Does the customer get any welcome message?

What kind of notification does the agent receive when an agent joins. Attach a screenshot

When the chat is ended by the agent what kind of options a customer has?

End Chat

Customer can end chat by clicking on cross button in the top right corner of the chat widget. Once chat is ended, transcript form is shown to the customer. Customer can provide email and click on send me the transcript button to receive transcript on email. On clicking No, Thank you initiate chat form open.

Web Callback

A customer can initiate a callback request with the Callback widget.

The customer will have to fill out this form for the callback request.

  • phone number without country code

  • Select a Skillgroup from the dropdown

  • Add comment (optional)

  • Click on Send Callback Request

Success/failure message is displayed upon callback request.

End Live Chat on Inactivity

  • Agent Availability
  • Customer Inactivity

Business Calendar Integration

Estimated Wait Time and Queue Position

Supported Message Types


Browser Notifications

Audio Notification

Custom Color Scheme