Agent & Task States

MRE controls Agent and Task states.

Agent States

BUSYAgent state transits to BUSY when agent is handling maximum chat sessions. No new chat can be routed to an agent in BUSY state.
INTERRUPTEDWhen an agent is handling no chat and a voice call comes in, agent state for chat is transited to INTERRUPTED. No new chat is routed to an agent in INTERRUPTED state
UNKNOWNThis state is set automatically when Chat Server starts / restarts / fail-overs. Agent can set READY or NOT_READY state from UNKNOWN state.
READYAgent is ready for receiving new chats. An agent stays in READY state when handling less number of chats than number of maximum sessions.
NOT_READYThis state is set immediately after when an agent login. Agent can change his state from READY to NOT_READY
LOGOUTThis state is set when agent is logged out

Task States


SLA Calculation

Need to calculate SLA for Chat (on which basis chat is considered to be assigned to an agent, what should be done in case of RONA

Chat Statistics Detail

Answered within Service Level

Answered after Service Level

Abandoned within Service Level

Abandoned after Service Level


When an agent doesn't accept an incoming chat request for the configured time, the chat is rerouted. The agent state is automatically changed to NOT_READY.