ECM Contacts- Status Summary Report

Report DescriptionThis report shows the summarized status of the campaign import and the status of contacts after getting uploaded (closed, opened, etc.).


Report Screenshot

Report Fields

#Field NameDescription
1ECM CampaignThis is the name of the ECM campaign

This is further divided into the following:

  • Loaded: This shows the total number of contacts successfully loaded to this ECM campaign.
  • Closed: This shows the total number of contacts closed in the campaign. Only contacts which have been dialed and closed (either connected, not connected due to some reason such as, retries completed, DNC-listed, Dangling, SMS Sent & Closed). This shows 0 if there are zero number of closed contacts in the campaign at a given point in time. 
  • Pending: This is the number of contacts who are yet to be dialed or tried either, first attempt or rescheduled for subsequent attempts based on the campaign strategy. 


  • ECM Campaign

  • Start Date
  • End Date