Voice Recording

The Expertflow Voice Recording Solution is a replacement of Cisco Mediasense, for single & multi-site contact centers up to 100 concurrent agents. Calls are recorded & stored as individual call legs including call hold, call transfer and call conference. The recordings can be archived, deleted or downloaded, and a RESTful API provides access to all objects.

The API can also be used to extract information from a voice stream or individual sentences (separated by non-speech periods). These can be fed to speech analytics, such as Voice Biometry, Speech Recognition or Emotion Detection algorithms. With the CIM API Pipeline, output from these can then in turn be fed into a Chatbot or NLU engine to predict knowledge base articles or agent activities relevant to the current state of the conversation.

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Release Notes

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Solution Reference

For a complete technical specification of the solution including solution setup prerequisites, solution architecture, deployment models, see Solution Reference Document

Solution Components and Architecture

For details regarding the Terminology, Components & Architecture, see Solution Components and Architecture