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Important Notes/Limitations



Related Feature

iOS application needs to kill, then start againNeed to kill the application first then start the iOS application to add the URL and proceed to use it.iOS application
No notification option on iOS versions 15 and 16There is no Customer incoming call notification option on iOS versions 15 and 16.iOS application
Nailed connection, agent declined the call from a phone while login

The agent clicks on a login button and while making the connection with a phone agent decline the call, there are no retries on the CTI Mobile Agent application, and an error message appears after 1st retry.

Nailed connection
The failover finesse, the state changed to Not ReadyThe agent is in a Ready state and received a call, failover happened after the call end agent's state changed to Not ReadyFailover finesse
Minimum size and resolution for android

 minimum resolution is 720*1560 on 6.4in screen and minimum screen size is =5.5in and the resolution is 1080*2400

Screen size and resolution
Only Mobile Agents should login to the appOnly agents with the enabled Cisco Mobile Agent feature should login and use the app. Non-mobile agents may also log in but they won't be able to answer calls from the app if the Mobile Agent feature is not enabled. Agent Login
While agents are using Data Connection instead of WiFi, the connectivity might disrupt by the call center callWhile on a Data Connection (3G or 4G) instead of WiFi, the internet connectivity may disrupt when a call from the call center comes in on the agent's mobile device. Internet Connectivity

The Android App is available only on Microsoft App Center

The android app is available at Microsoft App Center.

The application is not published and downloadable from Google Playstore/ App Store.

Application Distribution
UCCX compatibility testingThis release is not tested with the UCCXUCCX compatibility
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