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Release Notes

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Document Owner

Iqra Shahid

DevelopersJazeb, Badar
QAIqra Shahid

Release Summary

 This is the major release of the Mobile agent App that supports UCCE 12.6 and the campaign's support.  

What's New 

Compatibility with UCCE 12.6

The mobile agent is now compatible with UCCE 12.6, with finesse HA support

Support of Campaigns

Three types of campaigns are supported

  • Preview 
  • Predictive
  • Progressive 

Compatibility with new android versions

The mobile agent android application is compatible with these versions

Android 10Quince Tart
Android 11Red Velvet Cake
Android 12Snow Cone
Android 13Tiramisu

Compatibility with new IOS versions

The mobile agent is compatible with the following IOS versions

iOS version
iOS 13
iOS 14
iOS 15
iOS 16

Open Issues

The following are the open issues

Key Summary T P Status
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Important Notes/Limitations

Compatibility Matrix

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