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Solution Prerequisites

Hardware  Requirements

4 cores8 GB100 GBSingle VM to install Javascript CTI ToolbarWindow Server 2019
2 cores2 GB50GBFor setting up the Reverse Proxy in DMZ. CentoS

Software Requirements 

The following Software are required to be installed on the Javascript CTI Toolbar


Minimum Requirement

Windows Web Server

Any of the following application web server.

 Tested on IIS

Javascript CTI Toolbar Installation 

  1. Download and install the Javascript CTI Toolbar.

Set up a server in Enterprise DMZ

To establish the connectivity between the publicly accessible Mobile app and Cisco Finesse in the LAN, it is recommended that the client/partner sets up a Reverse Proxy in DMZ. See Solution Architecture

Cisco Contact Center Readiness

Configure Cisco Mobile Agent for CCE 

In the case of the CCE platform, agents must be configured with the Cisco Mobile Agent feature. See here for details on what to be configured on the Cisco side.

Configure Extend&Connect (E&C) for CCX

In the case of CCX, Cisco E&C should be configured. For consult transfer, conference, or outbound calls, agents must have Cisco Jabber installed and running on their machines. For all prerequisites and configuration steps to configure E&C, see here.

Port Utilization 


Source Host

Source Port

Destination Host

Destination Port




Expertflow Javascript CTI Toolbar


HTTPSProxy ServeranyCisco Finesse8445/8443
TCPProxy ServeranyCisco Finesse7443

System Access Requirements

  • Administrative privileges on the machine are required to follow the deployment steps.
  • The Internet should be available on the mobile device to carry out the Android app installation steps. 

Time Synchronization Requirements

If the system dates and times are not synchronized, the system can produce unpredictable results. Therefore, the EF applications and Cisco Contact Center should have their time zone and date/time properly configured, according to the geographic region, and must be synchronized.

To configure the time zone, please see the instructions from the hardware or software manufacturer of the NTP server. The application servers should be synchronized. This synchronization should be maintained continuously and validated on a regular basis. For security reasons, the Network Time Protocol (NTP) V 4.1+ is recommended.

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