User Guides

  • Business Calendar User Guide
  • Chat Solution Translations
  • Deploying Reports on CUICThis document provides detailed information on the steps required for the deployment of Expertflow Hybrid Chat Solution Standard reports in Cisco CUIC. It explains each configuration step with screenshots to ease user with the successful deployment. The subsequent sections of this document will explain in detail the necessary configuration and deployment method.
  • Efutils Enhancements
  • Hybrid Chat Agent Guide
  • Hybrid Chat Supervisor GuideA user logs in to the Hybrid Chat Agent gadget as Supervisor to monitor team performance and assist agents. 
  • MRE User GuideThis guide covers the concept of Precision Queue, its contributing elements, and how to configure them. MRE triggers (getting newly created agents from UMM, new configuration application in MRE, task selection triggers in MRE) and limitations of MRE (MRE, Mre Microservice & Mre UI).
  • Knowledge Base User Guide