Cloud Contact Center

The Expertflow cloud contact center is your virtual call center and PBX, hosted by Expertflow. We have local entry points throughout Africa, Pakistan, and India, providing a guaranteed quality of service not available with cloud contact centers with remote data centers. It provides basic call center functionalities like IVR, Queueing, Call Recording, and a graphical user/administration interface.

Currently, Our High availability Cloud Contact Center offers the following features:  

Call Center Queues

When inbound calls come into a contact center, they are typically routed to an available agent. The call is placed on hold and joins the customer calling queue, or a line, of other callers waiting for their turn to connect with a call center agent. Our panel of experts shares their ideas for better engaging customers while they wait in the contact center queue, with the aim of reducing your abandonment rate.

Wallboard Integration  with Customized Report

Dashboards & Wallboards application allows the contact center administrators, supervisors, and agents to customize new dashboards as per the needs of the business. Each user can create its own dashboard or admins create a contact center Wallboard to be displayed on a large screen in a room. 

The application comes with predefined gadgets (display types) to be added to a dashboard container. The user can then customize the gadget to see the attributes important to the business while hiding the rest of the other attributes.

There are six different templates. So users can create a dashboard in six different ways. Users can also add gadgets to the dashboard. The gadgets are 

2.Pie Chart
3.Line Chart
4.Bar Chart
5.Doughnut Chart
6.Data Table
9.Message Text Box

CTI Integrated Webphones

 Cloud Contact Center provides a user-friendly interface, integrated will all the basic CTI operations, and agents are not required to log in on any SIP phone, the agent just needs to login into the Agent Interface, and we will automatically register a browser-based SIP phone based on his dedicated extension. This interface follows the mechanisms of WebRTC ↔ SIP.

High Availability 

 Our HA CcaaS is a component of a technology system that eliminates single points of failure to ensure continuous operations or uptime for an extended period. High Availability ensures your systems, databases, and applications operate when and as needed.  Our panel of experts implemented a scalable system that can handle increasing numbers of requests without adversely affecting response time and throughput.

Cloud Contact Center uses FusionPBX for managing Tiers, Queues, and Agents. For further details on how FusionPBX is doing it, see FusionPBX Call Center docs.