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Release Notes

Release Summary

In this release, the solution is tested with UCCE 12.0 with a new and revamped High Availability design.

Solution Features

Following are the supported and main features of the Call Parking Gadget:

  1. The agent can park the call by giving the park reason.

    1. In Ready State

    2. In Talking State

    3. In Hold State

  2. The agent can retrieve the parked call.

    1. In Ready State

    2. In Not-Ready State

    3. In Talking State

    4. In Hold State

  3. Select the filter between “All” and “Mine” to filter parked calls.

  4. Up to 50 calls can be parked (Configurable). 

Backend System Compatibility




Tested with UCCE 12.0 version.


Tested with UCCE 11.5 version.


POC is available for UCCX, however, a complete QA cycle will be run on demand.

Browser Compatibility





100.0 (64-bit)

Tested with Quantum


101.0.4951.54 (64-bit)

Works with a self-signed certificate

Open Issues

Following are the open issues marked for the next release:




The Park reason field does not appear when the agent retrieves the parked Conference call.

On retrieving the parked Conference call by the agent, the park reason field doesn't appear on the agent interface.

Refresh the finesse, Park reason field starts appearing.

Call automatically doesn't disappear from the gadget even after passing the configured time.

Initially, the call gets disappears from the gadget after passing the configured time, but in this release, this feature is not working. 

The toast message that appears during failover is not centered and aligned.

The toast message that appears during failover is not centered and aligned.




Application Server Failover

It takes around 10 to 15 seconds to connect to the backup server in case the application server goes down.
The toast message of successful connectivity appears before the VXML gets connected with the secondary server.

The parking reason field appears for Consult call using Queue DN

When a call is consulted with 2nd agent using Queue DN, the call parking reason field starts appearing on that agent.
The call type for Consult calls using Queue DN and for the inbound calls is PREROUTE_ACD_IN that's why the gadget is unable to identify the consult call.

Parking of Conference call initiated using Queue DN is not working

When a supervisor parks the conference call, initiated using Queue DN, the other participants of the call are not dropped automatically.

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