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_CX Release Notes 4.6

Release Name

CX 4.6



Release Date


Release Summary

Release Limitations

Release Limitations

Release Limitations


  • Google Chrome Version 120.0.x

  • Cisco Voice Channel is tested with UCCX 12.5

  • EF CX can be connected to/configured with only one voice(Cisco, FS) platform at any given time.

CX Voice (FreeSWITCH)

  • Agent To Agent Manual OB Call is not supported.

  • Special characters are not supported.

  • Agent B's call timer does not work when Agent A transfers the OB call to the queue.

  • Unable to Minimize or Dock CX Voice Call Toolbar, Hindering Conversation View Visibility

  • Agent State Incorrectly Set to "Not Ready" When Initiating Manual Outbound Call from Agent Desk

  • Incorrect Display of Customer Number as First Name in Anonymous Voice Calls

  • Missing Range Exceeded Notification and Loading UI in Agent Desk Manual Outbound Dialer

  • Delay in Agent Notification/Dropped Event After Customer Declines Manual Outbound Call

  • The "Dial a Number" text box exhibits a cursor navigation issue when attempting to remove digits. If a user enters a number (e.g., 9603004365458) and tries to remove a digit using the backspace (X) key, the cursor incorrectly jumps back to the right side of the number.

  • Conversation get stucks when Agent1 is on call with customer and another Agent joins with Agent1 credentials while call is active

  • When an agent performs a direct transfer call on a queue with a service identifier different from the one configured in the script, the system enters an unstable state. This issue occurs specifically when there are two voice channels with distinct service identifiers, and the direct transfer relies on static Queue DN.

  • Limited scenarios work for multichannel cases for a customer using voice and non voice channels simultaneously. 

  • CX Rona is not yet integrated with the CX Voice (FreeSWITCH) solution. Leveraging the Ringing timeout of the FreeSWITCH to provide the RONA feature for this channel. 

  • Optional note and the direct transfer request sender will not be shown in the incoming request notification.

  • Silent monitoring and Barge In features are not yet implemented for CX Voice. (Unstable behaviors are observed on silent monitoring or barge In into active conversation of voice)

  • Direct extension to extension calls are not supported. 

  • Any private browser window is not supported, as the system is using the browser cache for state maintenance.

  • The conversation will be closed after the configured customer activity timer expires and the requested agent will remain reserved in case the transfer request fails on FS.

  • Optional note in the notification & requesting agent info option is not available for CX-Voice.

Cisco Voice:

  • In the case of CCX, if a main & consult call are main, and if the main call is ended the consulted agent is also removed from the conversation.

  • Consult Call legs will not be part of an activity for now.

  • Any private browser window is not supported, as the system is using the browser cache for state maintenance.

  • Logging out from the Finesse doesn't log out the agent from CX.

  • If a call is ongoing, voice session is active, and the conversation is transferred to the queue on CX, the conversation is transferred including the
    voice session but the call is active with Agent A. When the transferred conversation is accepted by Agent B, they will not be able to close the conversation
    due to the active voice session as Agent B does not have the active call.

  • Consult, Consult-Transfer, Consult-Conference, and Direct Transfer cases are not supported for UCCE yet due to technical limitations on Cisco/CTI

  • Advanced cases ( direct transfer, consult transfer, etc.) are not supported for a manual outbound call.

  • A2 Conversation View Disappears in Consult Conference Call intermittently when on the A2 side, the conference active event is received first, and then Agent Desk sends CALL_LEG_STARTED for conference. After that A2 receives consult call ending event.

  • Finesse limitation after failover occurs when domain shifts agent becomes not ready during call.

  • When the call is ended during the Finesse failover, and the system reconnects to Finesse, the Agent Desk gets the call ending event from the CTI with no dialog info as the call is ended already, and to close the conversation, the Agent Desk uses the dialog data stored in cache for the incoming call, so the timestamps of both call starting and call ending become the same which caused the duration to be 0.

  • After a Finesse failover scenario occurs during a direct transfer on an agent extension and queue, the customer number becomes null in call leg. 

  • It is mandatory to have at least 1 custom reason code for Not Ready and 1 custom reason code for Logout. 

Customer Profile Information to be displayed for Anonymous Users:

  • Anonymous Users Profile Information is tested with Customer Widget, Telegram, 360 WhatsApp, Facebook & Viber 

  • Anonymous Users Profile Information is not tested with Instagram, Twilio WhatsApp and twitter.


  • Nested comments having photos and videos, stickers, and GIFs are not returned by the FB Graph API sometime (API used for View full Post), only their captions are being returned.

  • For now, the FB Graph API is only returning first-level video comments posted by the admin of the page.

  • The FB Graph API does not return the profile photo of the users commenting on the post.

  • In case of a single FB comment, some GIFs will not land on the agent's desk because of the broken payload received from Facebook.

  • When a single comment arrives on the agent's desk we can't show where it was posted because it does not contain the FB page info. 

  • Highlighted text is not supported on Facebook DM.

  • Emojis are not supported by the agent desk.

  • Menu buttons are not supported


  • When an image, audio or video is sent as file instead of photo or video from Telegram. There is preview error for these messages on agent desk.

  • Reply feature not supported on agent desk.

  • Emojis are not supported on the agent desk.

  • Some media file format not supported on agent desk (mp3,jpeg,rtf).

  • Inability to seek or navigate audio received from Telegram chat on agent desk.


Currently as part of 4.5 release, we have some limitations which will be covered in up comings releases.

  • Twitter only supports social media for now. And the bot responses will not be handled in it. On agent desk, you might see the bot messages as a DM (Direct messaging) message but it will not forward as a comment/social media message.

  • As DM (Direct messaging) is not supported so if you send a message without a “comment reply action button” then it will show on agent desk but not deliver on twitter.

  • In View Full Post, posts which contains media will not show post media but show a link of twitter post page instead. However the media in comments will work and display fine.

  • In comments or view full post, only 1 media will be shown as part of message. However twitter do support multiple media attachment inside a single comment.

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