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EFCTL Admin Guide

EFCTL is a general administration utility provisioned automatically when CIM is deployed using '' script. The utility is a wrapper script and performs most of the 'docker' and 'docker-compose'-related actions based on the user requirement.


Below is a list of functions provided by the EFCTL utility.

loginPerforms an interactive session inside a service container
execPerforms a direct command execution inside the service container
cimPerforms UP, DOWN, and RESTART for CIM components only ( excluding external components)
statusGives an overview of currently running services.
statsEmulates the docker stats  command to provide an overview of resource usage for all service containers
serviceService-related operations like, up, start, stop, kill, restart, rm, rm_up
profileProfile-related operations such as, up, down, restart, ps
logsShows logs for the selected service container
down Performs down on all deployed profiles
up   Performs up on all deployed profiles
imagesDisplays currently active list of images in the CIM Solution
pullPerforms the docker image pull operation of all/selected profiles. 
infoShows a brief summary of the current deployment
configcurrently active configuration of the selected service profile, along with complete details.

General Enhancements

  • efctl is bash compatible only -- this is required for some functions to perform properly
  • efctl is restricted to only expertflow components. no other service containers will be managed by the efctl
  • efctl is now capable of running these operations directly ( direct mode )
    • efctl accepts friendly service names for both direct and indirect mode, however at the backend, the actual service name is still same i-e cim_component_1
    • efctl service service_name up|stop|restart|rm|rm_up. For example ` efctl service mongo up`
    • efctl profile profile_name up|down|restart|ps. For Example `efctl profile external-mongo up `
    • efctl login is now direct mode compatible  -- For Example `efctl login mongo`
    • efctl exec has been introduced to run a command/s directly on a service container and runs only in direct mode.  e-g `efctl exec ccm ps aux` -- will execute `ps aux ` command inside the service container CCM and return the result. Anything after service container name is consider part of command
  • service -> rm_up performs an rm and brings the service up
  • up/down --> brings up or down for all the CIM+ External
  • CIM up/down --> performs up/down for HC/Internal components only.
  •  external components are given priority in both down and up of efctl all down/up in such a way that when doing up, the external components are brought up before internal components and vice versa for down.  

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