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Reporting Components Deployment Guide CX-4.5.1

The deployment process for the recently introduced Historical Reports Manager component, along with the reporting connector, are as follows.

  1. Clone the CX repository on target server

    # Create CX-4.5.1 directory from root
    mkdir CX-4.5.1
    # Navigate to CX-4.5.1
    cd CX-4.5.1
    # Clone the CX-4.5.1 branch of cim-solution repository
    git clone -b CX-4.5.1
    # Navigate to root(previous) directory
    cd ..
  2. Stop reporting components.

    # Navigate to the following folder of the existing release i.e. CX-4.5
    cd cim-solution/kubernetes
    # Stop reporting connector
    kubectl delete -f pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml -n expertflow
    # delete configmap for reporting connector 
    kubectl -n expertflow delete configmap ef-reporting-connector-conf
    # Navigate to root directory 
    cd ../../
  3. Replace the following files from 4.5.1 directory to current deployment directory

    # Copy Historical Reporting Manager deployment files
    cp CX-4.5.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/ConfigMaps/ef-historical-reporting-configmap.yaml cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/ConfigMaps
    cp CX-4.5.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments/ef-historical-reports-deployment.yaml cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments
    cp CX-4.5.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Services/ef-historical-reports-service.yaml cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Services
    cp CX-4.5.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Ingresses/nginx/ef-historical-reports-Ingress.yaml cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Ingresses/nginx
    # Copy Reporting connector conf file
    cp CX-4.5.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf
  4. Update following core deployments.

    # Update reporting-connector tag
    1) Open cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml file.
    2) Update tag
  5. Run the following command to deploy historical-reporting-manager component.

    # Update the FQDN in following files:
       1) cim/ConfigMaps/ef-historical-reporting-configmap.yaml
       2) cim/Services/ef-historical-reports-service.yaml
       3) cim/Ingresses/nginx/ef-historical-reports-Ingress.yaml
    # Apply the changes in folllwing files: 
    kubectl apply -f cim/ConfigMaps/ef-historical-reporting-configmap.yaml
    kubectl apply -f cim/Services/ef-historical-reports-service.yaml
    kubectl apply -f cim/Ingresses/nginx/ef-historical-reports-Ingress.yaml
  6. Run the MySQL update script on top of current historical database from CX-4.5.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/dbScripts/dbupdate/historical_reports_db_update_script_MYSQL.sql.sql

Make sure that you have already executed the MySQL update script for 4.5 before executing the update script for 4.5.1.

  1. Run the following command to create configMap for reporting-connector.

    # Create configmap
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-reporting-connector-conf --from-file=pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf
  2. Apply the deployments.

    # Apply deployment for historical reports manager
    kubectl apply -f cim/Deployments/ef-historical-reports-deployment.yaml
    # Run reporting-connector cron job
    kubectl apply -f pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml -n expertflow

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