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Release NameCX 4.3


Release Date


Release SummaryIncludes Priority Routing, Route re-initiated chats, Task EWT and Queue Position API, SMS support via SMPP, Instagram Direct Message, Instagram Social Media, Custom Message support in Agent Desk, CX Activity APIs, CX Voice Direct Queue Transfer, Progressive OB Calls, IVR activity trail aend Cluster Conneectivity Support for PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ActiveMQ and Redis.

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Patch Releases of CX 4.3.x

New in CX 4.3

Priority RoutingEnables to route the customer's request to the agent on priority, based on the customer's VIP Status. This will bypass the queue waiting.
Route Re-initiated ChatsEnables the customer to re-initiate chat to be routed on priority basis, in a case if it is disconnected abruptly. 
The system routes such chats of customers on priority who have re-initiated the chat on the same day and whose chats have been queued to the same queue.
Queue Waiting Time and Queue PositionAllows the customer to see estimated queue waiting time and queue position. Also notifies the customer about any change in the queue position, and enables him to see the updated EWT (Estimated Wait Time) after 'x' number of seconds/minutes. 
SMS Provides support of SMS Via SMPP
Instagram as a New ChannelIntroduces Instagram as a new channel and supports Instagram Direct Messages and Instagram Social Media
Facebook ChannelAdded support of Private Reply on Facebook Comments.
CX VoiceProvides support of CX voice
CX ReportsProvides enhancement in Historical Reports 
Agent State Analysis Report
Custom Message Support in Agent DeskProvides support of Custom Messages in Agent Desk

CX Activities APIs

CX Activities APIs

Cluster Connectivity SupportProvides Cluster Connectivity support for:
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • ActiveMQ
  • Redis

CX 4.3 Release Limitations

Release Limitations

  • HA

    • Limitation:
      When attempting to shift an AMQ node from node A to node B and subsequently force deleting it while it was in a terminating state, we encountered an issue where the AMQ didn't properly come up on node B. The root cause of this problem was the interruption of the storage rebuilding process. In our testing environment, we tend to rapidly turn off nodes. This rapid node shutdown caused the storage to not fully rebuild before the node was turned off again.
    • Workaround:
      Allow Adequate Time for Storage Rebuilding fter bringing a node down, wait for a sufficient period, preferably 10 to 12 minutes, before turning it off again. This delay will give the storage system ample time to rebuild, reducing the likelihood of encountering issues when attempting to bring the node back up.
  • CX Voice (FreeSWITCH)
    • Limited scenarios work for multichannel cases for a customer using voice and non voice channels simultaneously. Refer to the following guide to see which scenarios work and which do not work:
    • CX Rona is not yet integrated with the CX Voice (FreeSWITCH) solution. We are instead leveraging the Ringing timeout of the FreeSWITCH to provide the RONA feature for this channel. Refer to the following doc to read more about this:
    • Direct Transfer does not work after Progressive Outbound Call.
    • Optional note and the direct transfer request sender will not be shown in the incoming request notification.
    • Silent monitoring and BargeIn feature is not yet implemented for CX Voice.(Unstable behavior if you silent monitor or barge In into active conversation of voice)
  • Instagram
    • Instagram related permissions are not yet approved due to which current testing can be done using Test Users.
    • From mobile app, user do have the option to send a Gif message but the instagram do not send this media via Webhook, due to which that Gif message will not support nor displayed on agent desk if any come via mobile app. However, the option of sending a Gif message on desktop app is not available.

  • The locale settings only get defined at bootstrap
  • License Manager is only tested with the online mode in this release


    • Nested comments having photos and videos, stickers, and GIFs are not returned by the FB Graph API sometime (API used for View full Post), only their captions are being returned.
    • For now, the FB Graph API is only returning first-level video comments posted by the admin of the page.
    • The FB Graph API does not return the profile photo of the users commenting on the post.
    • In case of a single FB comment, some GIFs will not land on the agent's desk because of the broken payload received from Facebook.
    • When a single comment arrives on the agent's desk we can't show where it was posted because it does not contain the FB page info. 
    • Highlighted text is not supported on Facebook DM.
    • Emojis are not supported by the agent desk.


    • The agent filter will not work in the reports for conversations that involve multiple agents.
    • Bot and Agent participation will be shown as 0% in the superset reports.


    • It is not recommended to open the finesse gadget in guest mode or any private browser window.
    • Consult Call legs will not be part of an activity for now.
    • Consult, Consult-Transfer, Consult-Conference, and Direct Transfer cases are not supported for UCCE yet due to technical limitations on Cisco/CTI
    • Unstable behavior on chat transfer, and conference scenarios.

Planned Epics/Stories

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Planned Issues for this release

Issues planned for this release.

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Issues Opened in this release

This is the list of issues opened during the QA cycle. 

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Resolved Issues 

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Release Test Highlights

Tested Features

  • Application is tested on the RKE2

  • Application is tested with Rasa bot only

  • In this release, 3 servers are used for deployment (Superset, RASA, HC-solution)

  • UCCX Version 12.5

  • CUCM Version is 12.5.1

  • Application is tested on CISCO IP Phones only

  • CIPC Version is 8.6.1

  • EFSwitch integration is implemented.

  • Voice Channel Configurations: Push mode enabled for the voice channel

  • Provision to add agent extension in Keycloak User Object (Object model)

  • WhatsApp is tested with Dialog360

  • Facebook is tested using the developer account

  • Only the English language is tested for sending and receiving message

Un-Tested Features

  • Reports are not tested with MSSQL

  • HA is not tested

  • SLA is not tested for Grafana

  • Customer Identification

  • WebRTC configurations

  • UCCE version is 12.5

  • Voice call activity (Consult call)

  • Twilio, Telegram, Viber, SMS, and Twitter (these channels are not tested)

  • GTM is not tested

  • Offline deployment testing

  • Bot types DialogFlow and Custom are not tested.

Known Issues

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