Expertflow CX

Expertflow CX is the new name for Hybrid Chat 4.x and is often called Expertflow Contact Center, EF-CC, EF Cloud Contact Center. 

Expertflow CX is a customer-centric multi-channel contact center solution for digital and voice channels. It supersedes Hybrid Chat 3.x and tracks customer interactions across all channels. 

  • multi-channel interactions across several chat channels - see Customer Channels
  • Cisco Contact center integration for Voice - see Cisco Contact center integration
  • Customer identity profile management covering customer channel identities.  All customer activities across all channels linked to a Customer object. See Customer Identities for more information.
  • Unified interaction history across all channels for a customer - see CX Activities
  • Conversation control scripting for dynamic conversation flow that can be changed according to business requirements - see Conversation Control
  • Routing customer interaction requests from any channels to the same conversation and the same agent 
  • Precision routing
  • Pull-mode lists - for certain media channels customer interaction requests are pushed to pull-mode lists. Agents subscribe to these lists to fetch and process on-demand. See Pull-mode vs Precision Routing for more details.
  • centralized identity and access management 
  • See Agent Guide for all the agent capabilities and Supervisor Guide for all the supervisory controls and dashboards.
  • For all the historical reports added in this release, see Reports.

Expertflow CX is available as a cloud subscription and may also be installed on-prem on a Kubernetes platform. 

For the latest release updates, see CX Release Notes