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Training and Demo Videos

See the detailed training and demo video below. For more details on the latest features and usability, see the User Guide

For a technical understanding of the architecture, see Solution Components and Architecture 

The below video is recorded based on the Wallboard version 13.1.

Demo Script

  1. Add a new dashboard. 
  2. Choose template 1,2 or 3.
  3. Try to add a gadget with a suitable size in the template box. The application, otherwise, adjusts the size of the gadget automatically. 
  4. Click the '+' icon in the box to add a gadget. Choose a display Type. 
  5. You may show the following gadgets for the demo: 

SLA Summary - Realtime in Speedometer 

  1. Choose the "Speedometer" as the display type.
  2. Select the Data Source as "Queue Service" to display the SLA summary.
  3. Select the "SLA" attribute from the Attribute list. Note that for this display type, only the SLA attribute is available for now. Any type of agent stats cannot be seen using this display type, therefore, do not select "Agent Service" as the data source.
  4.  Select the attribute filter "Queue". Leave the selection of a particular queue. Click "Save & Exit".
  5. See the video at 1:44

Calls Summary - Realtime in Scorecards

  1. Select "Scorecards" as the display type. In older versions, you may select either "4 cards with icons" or "4 cards" display type.
  2. Select the Data Source as "Queue Service" to display stats of call center calls. 
  3. Select the following four attributes; i) Calls Received ii) Calls Answered iii) Calls Abandoned iv) Calls in Queue. Note that you may select any number of attributes (with a vertical scrollbar for more than 4) in this display type for the Wallboard version 13.2 or higher but only 4 attributes for the older versions. 
  4. You may also select the icons to be displayed on the cards, change the attribute labels or, change the order of the attributes.
  5. Select the attribute filter "Queue". Do not select any queue from the queues list. This would automatically accumulate stats of the selected attributes across all queues based on the aggregate type. (See the video at 6:16)
  6. You may also set thresholds for the selected attributes. (See the video at 9:21)

Agent States Summary - Realtime in Pie/Doughnut Chart 

  1. Choose a "Pie" or a "Doughnut" chart as the display type. 
  2. Select the Data Source as "Agent Service" to display states' summary of agents in the chart. 
  3. Select the "Current State" attribute from the attribute list. Note that you may only select one attribute in a pie/doughnut chart.
  4. Select the attribute filter "Team". Do not select any team from the team list. This would automatically accumulate stats of agents of all teams.
  5. See the video at 11:11.

Greeting Message Gadget

  1. Choose the "Greeting message" display type.
  2. Define the title of the greeting. This serves as a title or heading of your greeting message.
  3. Define the message text. 
  4. Change the font color of the title of the greeting.
  5. Change the font color of the message text.
  6. See the video at 12:13.

You may draw the "Text Box" gadget as well in the same manner with a difference that there's no title of the message in the "Text Box" gadget. However, you may provide a background color to the "Text Box" gadget

Agent Details - Realtime in a Datatable Gadget

  1. Select the display type as "Datatable".
  2. Select the Data source as "Agent Service" to display agent detail stats.
  3. Select all the attributes from the Attribute List. You may change the order of the attributes in the sequence in which they should display in the table.
  4. Select the attribute filter "Team". Leave the selection of a particular team.
  5. See the video at 15:35.

Calls Historical Stats - Line/Bar Chart

These charts display only historical data.

The historical data for the last 7/14 days or 24/48 hours is only available for the following attributes:

  • Calls Received
  • Calls Answered
  • Calls Abandoned

Note: You'd be able to see the historical data in these charts only if some data is available in the demo environment.

Important Tips:

  • See the Dashboard Lab Details guide on the lab access details. 
  • When you add or update a gadget in a dashboard, you don't need to press the "Update" button on the Edit Dashboard page. 
  • After changing the gadget settings or removing /adding a new gadget, the final link of the dashboard needs to be refreshed manually. Press F5 or browser refresh option to refresh the link.
  • The call to refresh the call center stats is made every 10 seconds from the application (without requiring a hard refresh, i.e. CTRL+F5).
  • Note that the updated call center stats depend largely on when they are refreshed within the Cisco DB.
  • We continuously are working on new feature enhancements and always try to upgrade the Cisco dcloud environment with an up-to-date version while the demo video may look a little bit older. To see the list of new features available in the latest release, see Release Notes.
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