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Agent Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics Web-based CTI Connector enables an agent to perform multiple actions to handle customer queries. 

CTI Call Controls

Controls/buttons on the toolbar change are based on the current state of the agent/call and on the telephony event when it is sent to the contact center. The agent can perform the following actions by using the communication toolbar:

  • Accept an incoming call  
  • Hold/Resume [ 1 ]
  • Consult an agent  [ 2 ]
  • Blind call transfer to extensions or conference call [ 3 ]
  • Call wrap-up
  • End call [ 4 ] 

Blind transfer in case of CCX is only supported in 11.6 or higher.

CTI Call Controls

Agent State Controls

The embedded CTI toolbar within Microsoft Unified Service Desk allows agents to manage their states. The following state controls are supported:

State ControlsDescriptionLook and Feel


Agent can be configured to auto-login to Cisco Finesse upon log in to MS CRM. The agent can also login manually to Cisco after logging into the MS CRM Web Interface.

Manual Login


The agent has to explicitly logout from the CTI toolbar by providing the Logout Reason Code.

Logout with Reason Code

Ready/Not Ready

The agent may change the availability status to “Ready” to receive contact center calls or may change it to any of the “Not Ready” states for a break.

Ready/Not Ready State

It is mandatory to have at least one custom reason code for Not Ready and one custom reasons code for Logout

Pops up Caller Information on Call Arrival

This feature enables the agent to see the caller's information as soon as the call arrives. If multiple contacts match, the MS CRM Web Page connector shows all those contacts for agents to choose from. Search can be made as follows

Search by Multiple fields

The customer’s ANI is searched against multiple Phone fields which can be configured on the CRM side against the respective (Leads, Accounts, Contacts) entity. 

Search in Leads, Accounts, and Contacts

An incoming call phone number is searched in Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. First, second, and third priorities can be set. For example, if the priority is Leads -> Accounts -> Contacts, It will first search into the ‘Leads’ entity, and the resulting record will pop up. If the customer record is not found in ‘Leads’ then it will search into the ‘Accounts’ entity and then finally into contacts, in case no record is found in the accounts.

For Online CRM in the Contacts/Lead entity, a search can be made for both the 'Phone' and 'Business Phone fields', and in the Accounts entity, the search can be in the 'Phone field' only. These fields are not configurable.

No ANI Match

In the case, the customer record is not available either in the leads, accounts, or contacts table, the "New Leads" page will be popped up in front of an agent (configurable). The phone call activity is not logged in this case.

Multiple Matches

In the case of multiple matches, a list of all the matched records of the respective entity will be shown in the drop-down list in alphabetical order. The first record in the list will automatically pop up, however, the agent can also manually select the customer record from the dropdown list and that customer profile will pop up.

In the case of a Consult call with Agent B, the system will do the screen pop based on customer ANI.

Phone Call Activity/ Call Wrap-up

A phone call activity is automatically created and linked to the matched caller account in Microsoft CRM. Any call notes that the agent writes while handling the call, are also saved along with the phone call activity, and the selected wrap-up code is applied in Cisco Finesse. The agent can track the call handling status via native CRM reports as well as via the Cisco call wrap-up report.

The system will also create an activity for the supervisor when he/she barges in the Call. The activity direction for Supervisor Call would be INBOUND. 

Phone Call Activity

Click to Call

This feature allows the agent to select any number corresponding to a record (Account/Contact/Lead) and initiate an outbound call with that number.

Without the click-to-dial feature, the agent can’t dial a call while clicking on any number from the MS CRM.


Click To Call will not work for the Microsoft UCI Deployment currently.

Click To Call

Call Attached Data

Call-attached data or call variables are passed on to a Unified Service Desk from Cisco via Expertflow Connector and are displayed to the contact center agent. The agent can customize which call variables to be displayed and what name should be shown for any particular call variable.

Upon refreshing the browser at any time while logging on to CTI Connector, will reconnect and resume the current state of the call.

Outbound Campaigns

Supports all Cisco campaigns

  • Predictive 

The flow of predictive campaign call is such that it will first ring on the customer end and the agent will be in a Reserved state. If the customer accepts the call, then an agent will receive the call. On accepting, the agent and customer both are in a talking state i.e. the call is Active.

  • Progressive

The flow of progressive campaign calls is such that it will first ring on the customer end and the agent will be in a Reserved state. If the customer accepts the call, then an agent will receive the call. On accepting, the agent and customer both are in a talking state i.e. the call is Active.

  • Preview 

Preview campaign call flow is slightly different than other campaign calls. In the preview campaign call the call first lands on the agent, the agent has 3 choices i.e. Accept, Close, and Reject the call. If the agent Accepts the call only then the campaign call proceeds.

From here on, it behaves like other campaign calls in a way that it will ring on the customer end first. If the customer accepts the call, then an agent receives the call again. On accepting, the agent and customer both are in a talking state i.e. the call is Active.

The agent is in the Reserved State

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