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In the Roadmap

High Availability 

For High availability at the time of connection disconnect, we ping the same node in order to confirm if it's not accessible, in case it is accessible we stop the failover process. If it isn't up then we ping the alternate node, to see if it's up. In case the alternate node is up it will move to the alternate node otherwise, it will keep checking which node is up until an accessible node is detected. The process takes roughly 2 minutes (the majority of which is consumed in detecting the connection is disconnected) to switch the connection to the alternate server node. 


The following features are not yet available but are in the product roadmap




1Cisco PhoneBookCisco PhoneBook Integration 
2Personal CallBackPersonal Callback Feature availability 
3 Digital Media Support

Integration with HC for all Digital Media Channels 

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Direct Messages
  • Facebook Comments / Post
  • Instagram 
  • Web
  • SMS 
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