Connected Calls Detail - IVR Report

Report DescriptionThis report shows the details of the calls attempted by the dialer and connected to/redirected to an IVR script. The report only caters the attempts sent to dialer by ECM. To show the records in the report, make sure that the Cisco campaign name must contain the keyword, "IVR" in the IVR campaign.


Report Screenshot

Report Fields

#Field NameDescription
1ECM CampaignThis is the name of the ECM campaign
2Date TimeThis is the date time of the call

Number Called

This is the phone number of the customer to whom the call was made.
4Call Duration This is the total time duration of the call in seconds 
5Cisco CampaignName of the Cisco campaign associated with the ECM campaign
6Call ResultCall result of the call as returned by the dialer.


  • ECM Campaign

  • Start Date
  • End Date