Others Not Connected - Drill Down

Report Description

This report shows the summary of contacts which were NOT CONNECTED due to any reason other than "No Answer", "Busy", "Abandoned", and group the records by the dialer outcome.

This is the sum of all attempts against which a non-connected dialer outcome was detected with their final status of the contact. The report keeps updating as the campaign progresses. 



Report Screenshot

Report Columns

#Field NameDescription
1Campaign NameName of the ECM campaign.
2Answering MachineNumber of calls where the system detected an answering machine.
3Dialer Abandoned Number of calls abandoned by the dialer.
4Error ConditionNumber of attempts where an Error condition was met.
5Fax MachineNumber of attempts on whom fax machine was detected.
6Invalid NumberNumber of attempts which were reported as invalid by the network.
7Network DisconnectedNumber of attempts where Network Disconnected while alerting.
8No Dial ToneNumber of attempts where no dial tone was detected when dialer port went off hook.
9No Ring BackNumber of attempts where No ringback from network was received when dial attempted.
10Number NOT IN ServiceNumber of attempts that were reported not in service by network.
11Operator Intercepted Number of attempts where Operator intercept was returned from network when dial attempted.
12Voicemail DetectedNumber of attempts where the system detected an answering machine.


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