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System Limitations



Simultaneous Incoming Calls

Agent can only receive one call at a time (that’s the limitation in the driver for now). The driver does not support simultaneous calls for the same agent. Unexpected behaviour like wrong controls is expected in such a case.

Outbound Dialing - Preview mode

The system does not supports preview mode outbound dialing.

Agent ID Length

The length of AgentID attribute must  not exceed 150 characters. This limitation is due to maximum length [200] of Siebel Tracking ID. The Driver constructs Siebel TrackingID as  [AgentID’:’DialogID] to form a unique tracking ID for Siebel.

WAN Link (Link between 2 sites)

The link between 2 sites should either be fully down or fully active. Partial connection state may cause unexpected agent states. Please ensure to have the WAN connectivity either working fully or not at all.

Team-wise Reason Codes

The system does not provide team-wise reason codes. The limitation is due to Siebel LOV limitation that is configured in Siebel and cannot be populated from driver code at run time.

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