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Business Features



LoginThe application supports the agent login to the Cisco Contact Center. The client has to provide finesse user id, password and extension number to login.
Mobile Agent LoginThis application supports the User—Sign In as a Mobile Agent into Cisco Contact Center. Additional configuration required on the Unified CCE and Unified Communication Manager before a mobile agent can log in. See the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Features Guide.
Not Ready Reason CodesThe application allows an agent/supervisor to get the list of NOT READY reason codes configured on finesse.
Wrap-up Reason CodesThe application allows an agent/supervisor to get the list of WRAPUP reason codes configured on finesse.
Logout Reason CodesThe application allows an agent/supervisor to get the list of LOGOUT  reason codes configured on finesse.
State ChangeThe agent can change his/her state from ready ⇒ Not-Ready, Not Ready ⇒ Not-Ready with reason and Not-Ready ⇒ Ready. Based on the configurations, you can also configure not-ready reason codes. When the agent will change his state from Ready ⇒ Not-Ready
LogoutThe application supports agent logout/logout with reason code from Cisco Contact center. The client has to provide finesse user id to logout from finesse. If logout reason codes are configured on finesse, the client must also provide the logout reason code id.
Force LogoutThe application supports the forced logout from Cisco Contact Center. This feature allows the client applications to end the user's finesse/XMPP session gracefully in the case the client application is crashed or the user closes the application during an active call or in Ready state.
Call Handling

The application supports the following call handling features:

    • Make Call
    • Accept call
    • Pause (Hold) an active call
    • Resume (Retrieve) call
    • Release call
    • Consultant call
    • Consultant transfer call
    • Consultant conference call
    • Single-Step / Blind Transfer
    Call Wrap-up

    The application allows an agent/supervisor to update the Wrap-Up reason for an active call. The Wrap-up reasons are configured for each agent in Cisco Finesse. When an agent receives a wrap-up event (WORK / WORK_READY) from Cisco Finesse, he can choose any wrap-up reason from the configured list.

    Campaigns CallFor automated outbound campaigns, all three modes, Predictive, Preview and Progressive modes are supported. The behavior of call arrival is similar to the regular inbound call and the screen pop happens the same way. 
    Get State

    The application allows the clients to get the current state to an agent/supervisor from finesse. This feature allows the client's application to restore the correct state of an agent/supervisor in the case of component/network failure.

    Get Dialog StateThe application allows an agent or supervisor to get a list of voice dialogs associated with a particular user. The client application can use this feature to restore the correct call state in case of component/network failure.
    Update Call Variables The application allows the client app to update the call variables for an active call on Finesse.
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