Release Notes

What's New

This is the major release with:

  • JSON Response Support
  • Outbound Campaigns Support
  • Mobile Agent Support

Outbound Campaigns 

All types of outbound campaigns supported in this version

  • Predictive
  • Preview
  • Direct Preview
  • Progressive

JSON Response Support

Now the GC supports the JSON format as well

Mobile Agent Support

Mobile Agent Login Supported by this version of GC.

Resolved Issues

<create a new child page for each minor/patch release of this major release version. Issues resolved in the child page may then be linked here>

Issue Summary

JIRA Issue


<Issue Summary>

GC-281 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Open Issues

Issue SummaryJIRA IssuePriorityWorkaround
<Issue Summary>

GC-281 - Getting issue details... STATUS


<what's the workaround?>

Release Limitations

<any features not tested>, <any release incompatibilities>, <any features that were previously available but discontinued temporarily or permanently in this release>

Download Software

Product InstallerInstallation Instructions

GC Installer 4.0

Install Guide 4.0

<instructions for installation, should the base software be installed first and then the patch should be installed>? 

<any instructions for upgrading from the previous version> 

GC Patch 4.0.1

<any special instructions to install the patch>