Release Notes

What's New

This is the major release with:

  • Rest API Support

New Features

The following are the new implemented in this release:

  • Get Skill Group (Only for UCCE)
  • Get Supervisors List (Only for UCCE)
  • Callbacks
  • Schedule a callback call
  • Update a callback call
  • Cancel a Schedule callback Call
  • Reclassify a Direct Preview Call
  • Accept Personal Callback Call
  • Reject Personal Callback Call

Compatible UCCE Versions

Cisco FinesseCompatibility Status
CCE 12.6Finesse 12.6Compatible

CCE 12.0

Finesse 12.0


CCE 11.5

Finesse 11.5

Not-Tested but on demand testing cycle can be run

Compatible UCCX Versions

Cisco FinesseCompatibility Status

CCX 12.5

Finesse 12.5


CCX 12.0 (1)

Finesse 12.0


Release Limitations

GC HA has not been tested on both Docker and Kubernetes.