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Yulmas Gulzar


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Yulmas Gulzar

What’s new in this release




  • Agents can manually input numbers and make calls using the dial pad.

  • Viewing Contacts: Agents can select a list of contacts from the dropdown menu to view multiple contacts.

  • Searching Contacts: The search bar allows agents to quickly find specific contacts by name or other details.

  • Interacting with Contacts

    • Hover Actions: When an agent hovers over a contact, two buttons appear:

      • Edit (Green Button): Clicking this button will populate the dialpad input field with the contact's number, allowing for quick editing or dialing.

      • Direct Call (Other Button): This button initiates an outbound call directly to the selected contact. 

  • Consult/Blind Transfer Using Dialpad:

    • Click on the blue dial pad button to open the dial pad interface.

    • Input the number directly into the dial pad to perform a consult or blind transfer.

    Consult/Blind Transfer Using the Phonebook:

    • Open the contact list and click the edit (green) button next to the desired contact.

    • This action will load the selected contact's number into the dial pad.

    • The agent can then use this number to perform a consult or blind transfer of the active call.

Wrap-up state is optional

  • If wrapup is optional on the cisco configuration for the specified agent then in agent states dropdown wrapup option will appear and agent can select it during the call if he wants to go on wrapup state after the call. 

Open Issues

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Release Test Highlights

Tested with:

  • UCCE 12.5

  • Stand-alone CTI Toolbar

Testing Machine Hardware Specs:



Hard Disk




Operating System:

Windows 2012 R2 standard (x64) 

Compatibility Matrix

Browser Compatibility





Version 127.0 (64-bit)


Google Chrome

Version 126.0.6478.61/.62 (Official Build) (32-bit)


Recommended Browser: Google Chrome

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Compatibility

Release Limitations

  • Do not login to the same agent on different browsers or different machines.

  • It is mandatory to have at least 1 custom reason code for Not Ready and 1 custom reasons code for Logout.

  • Agent extension length is 6 digits on Login page.

  • If the user refreshes the browser at any time while login on to CTI Connector, Once the browser, comes back after refresh it will reconnect and resume the current state of the call. 

  • VPN connection/WebEx/TeamViewer is required to connect to the customer’s environment.

  • Remote access via RDP or similar is required to do installation and configuration of EF Server.

  • Administrative access to server machines is required to install EF Connector.

  • Supervisor can only drop an agent from the Brage In call. He cannot drop a CTI Route Point, IVR Port, or a caller.

  • "disableEndCallBtn" configuration will always remain "false" for CTI toolbar.

  • In HA process it will take at least 3-4 minutes to connect CTI with the secondary server.

  • It is mandatory to have a Primary and a Secondary Node/servers for HA.

  • The agent state after fail-over becomes Not Ready - Connection failure.

  • Queue stats feature is only available for CCE/PCCE

  • Queue Stats update time must be 20s and above for HA.

  • Other HA related Limitations are available here

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