Mobile Android and iOS Finesse client for Cisco CCX/ CCE callcenters

the mobile Android/ iOS app enables agents to use limited Cisco Finesse functionalities through their mobile device. Agents can login/ logout/ ready/ not ready to the UCCX/ UCCE callcenter. They can then receive calls over their GSM line using Cisco Mobile Agent and Cisco Extend&Connect (E&C). Agents may use any GSM or landline numbers of their choice and start taking calls from their phone. 

Whether on hook or off hook, agents are notified of incoming call notifications on the mobile device whereas, the EF Mobile Agent is used to perform other operations, such as change Finesse states, consult/transfer the call, apply wrap-ups or dial calls manually. Customer information and other call attached data can also be pushed in the call variables and can be seen from the mobile app.