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Deployment Guide

Please follow this guide to install the EF CTI Application. Once the application is up and running, please follow these guides to configure on MS CRM. 

Configure the CIF on Dynamics CRM UCI for EF Contact Center CTI

  1. Login to the CRM and go to the published apps then select the ‘ channel integrated framework’.


If CIF is not installed on your CRM then you can follow this guide to install on your CRM. 

  1. Click on the new button to create a new active channel provider and fill in the details as given in the screenshot below.
  1.   Select Unified Interface Apps for the Channel
  2.   Select the Unified app on where you want to embed the CTI. 
  3.   Assign roles according to your requirements. 
  4.   Click on Save Button. 

  1. Go to the Unified app that you selected. For example for the Customer Service workspace, it will look like the following screenshot.

image (23).png

Configure Click-to-Call

Follow the steps to configure click to call on the Account page. You can configure it on multiple entities as per your requirement like Contact, Leads

  • Click on the setting button

  • Go to setting -> Customizations -> Customize the System 

  • double click phone field -> controls ->add controls -> add ‘ channel communication control ’.

  • Save and publish

After following all these steps, your CTI is configured properly and now you can use EF MS CRM WEB-CTI Connector 

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