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Solution Prerequisites

Time Synchronization

An important consideration is time synchronization between related components. Communication between EF Contact Center, Microsoft CRM Server, agent machines. If the system dates and times are not synchronized the system can produce unpredictable results. Therefore, please make every effort to adhere to the following time synchronization guidelines:

EF Server, Microsoft CRM Server, agent machines should have their Time Zone and time configured properly according to the geographic region and synchronized. To configure the time zone, please see the instructions from the hardware or software manufacturer of the NTP server. Client applications and EF Server should be synchronized to the second. This synchronization should be maintained continuously and validated on a regular basis. For security reasons, Network Time Protocol (NTP) V 4.1+ is recommended.

Access Prerequisites

For remote installation and configurations, the implementation team would require remote access privileges.

  • VPN connection/WebEx/TeamViewer is required to connect to the customer’s environment.
  • Remote access via RDP or similar is required to do installation and configuration of EF Server.
  • Administrative access to server machines is required to install EF Connector.
  • Admin access to Dynamics CRM is required to deploy CRM side configurations.

Product Prerequisites

Ports Accessibility 

Following ports should remain open on the Firewall. The local security policy and any antivirus should also allow open communication on the following ports:


Source Host

Source Port

Destination Host

Destination Port

HTTP/HTTPS<Client Machine>anyExpertflow Cloud Server7443,2000
DNS<Client Machine>anyDNS Server53
  • <Client Application> is the agent machine where Agent is using EF Connector in the Browser
  • MS CRM should be accessible over the Agent Machine 

Browser Requirements

  • Google Chrome Latest version
  • Firefox Latest Version
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