Microsoft Dynamics Web-based CTI Connector for Cisco

Web-based CTI Connector for Cisco is a computer telephony integration solution that embeds a toolbar in Microsoft Dynamics Sales or Service. This CTI connector uses the Channel Integration Framework for cloud MS CRM and hosted solution for on-premises CRM. The embedded CTI toolbar allows the contact center agents to manage call controls and agent state controls from within the Microsoft Dynamics web interface using the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework.

It is one of three types of connectors that has been built between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Cisco Call centers. The advantage is that it requires no agent-side software to be installed.

In our version 2.1 onwards , we have changed the architecture where we are using EF Cisco JS API for communication between Client and Cisco instead of using the Generic Connector as a backend component. 

For the release updates, see Microsoft Dynamics Web-based CTI Connectors Release Notes 3.0.2 v3.0.3.