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Business Feature

Integration between Cisco Contact Center and Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk.

This embedded CTI Connector runs inside the Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) and enables agent/call controls within Unified Service Desk allowing agents to use the same CRM agent interface for all call handling and transfer. It is one of three types of connectors that we built between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Cisco Call centers, and the one best suited for a contact center environment.

Separate Dashboard for Agent & Supervisor

Separate Dashboard for Agent & supervisor with respective gadgets.

Queue States Gadget for Supervisor

Queue Statistics gadget displays information about the queues to which you are assigned. The Queue Statistics gadget provides information about Queue Name, Queued Calls, Max Time, Ready, Not Ready, Talking-IN, Talking-OUT, Talking-INT, Wrap-Up Ready(Pending) and Wrap-Up Not Ready(Pending)

Phonebook for Agent & Supervisor

 Phonebook gadget provides team phonebooks with integrated call controls as well as search contact functionality from the select phonebook.

CTI Call Controls

Controls/buttons on the toolbar change based on the current state of the agent/call and on the telephony event fired from the contact center. Using the communication toolbar, the agent can perform the following actions,

  • Accept an incoming call
  • Hold/Resume/End call
  • Consultative or blind call transfer to extensions
  • Conference call
  • Call wrap-up

* blind transfer in case of CCX only supported in 11.6 or higher.

Team Performance Gadget for Supervisor

On the Team Performance gadget, you can select a team from a list of teams assigned to you. You can view the agents on that team, their current state, the time in state and their extension. You can also perform sorting by  clicking the column headers to sort the information by Agent Name, State, or Extension as well as searching by typing in search input field.
Team Performance gadget also provides the following functionality:

  • Silent monitoring 

  • Barge-In call

  • Drop Participants from the Barge-In call
  • Force state change : Force an agent into Ready or Not Ready state or sign out an agent.

State Controls

The embedded CTI toolbar within Microsoft Unified Service Desk allows agents to manage their states. The following state controls are supported,

  • Login - Agent may be configured to auto-login to Cisco Finesse upon logging in to Unified Service Desk. Manual login to Cisco may also be performed after the agent’s login to Unified Service Desk.
  • Ready / Not Ready - The agent may change the availability status to “Ready” to receive contact center calls.
  • Not Ready with Reason Code - The agent may the availability status to“Not Ready” with respective reason codes. Reason codes are defined on the Cisco Finesse Admin portal and all the Global reason codes and reason codes that are assigned to the agent team will be visible in a dropdown to the agent. 
  • Logout with Reason Code - The agent can log out with the reason code from the USD CTI. Logout Reason codes are defined on the Cisco Finesse Admin portal. Global reason codes and reason codes that are assigned to the agent team will be visible in a dropdown to the agent. 


To fetch the latest reason codes for Not Ready / Logout, Agent needs to restart the USD 

Caller Account Popup

The caller information is displayed on the Unified Service Desk screen as the call connected.

Click to Call

Click to call a contact from a contact’s phone number or via entering the number directly in the CTI panel’s dial-pad.

Call attached data

Call-attached data or call variables are passed on to a unified service desk from Cisco via Expertflow Connector and are displayed to the contact center agent.

Outbound Campaigns

Progressive and Predictive modes of outbound campaigns are supported. Preview mode is not supported as of yet.

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