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SAP AWS Cloud Machine for LocalLab Testing

  • AWS URL=
  • select the root user and use malik.ehtasham  and press next
  • After that provide the following detail in order 
    • Account ID=expertflow
    • Username=malik.ehtasham
    • Password=Expertflow4464
  •  make sure you have selected the Ireland region  then you can start the SAP CRM Server 

Machine R&D


UserName: Administrator

Password: Expertflow4464

SAP GUI Configuraiton 

  • Click on the SAP Logon AP , Use the following cred
  • userName: sapuser
  • Password :  Welcome234 ( W is capital)

Rest of Configurations are available in the install Guide , available in the parenet page

SAP User Login :

Note:Make sure to TURN OFF this server after use 

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