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DevelopersBadar Ali
QAHassan Sohail, Iqra Shahid

Release Summary

This is a major release that includes the Reclassify, Schedule Callback, and Phonebook features.

What's New

Reclassify a Direct Preview Outbound Call

The Reclassify button allows you to reclassify a Direct Preview Outbound call as Busy, Answering Machine, Fax, Invalid Number, or Voice. This button is available after you accept the Direct Preview call and for the life of the call and while you are in the wrap-up state. You can reclassify a call multiple times.

Note: Busy is available only for UCCX

Schedule Callback

The schedule callback feature is available for campaign calls that allow the user to schedule the callback with the customer at a suitable time. To schedule a callback, the user has to click the schedule callback button and then provide the relevant details like phone number, date, and time. Once all the required details are provided user needs to click the Schedule Callback button in the form


The phonebook feature provides user phonebooks with integrated call controls, search contact, and search phonebook functionality.

  • Select Phonebook: The desired phonebook can be selected by clicking on the Select Phonebook dropdown, you can also search for the phonebook by typing in this field.

  • Contact List: Once you have selected the phonebook, the contact list will be populated that belongs to that particular phonebook. Upon clicking on any contact, an outbound call will be initiated for the number corresponding to that contact.

  • Make A Call: The phonebook view can be accessed by clicking the Make Call Button. 

  • Consult A Call: The user has a call in progress then the user has the option of consulting another agent. The user can perform both operations with the phonebook feature. Consult a call via phonebook, the user has to click the consult button and then select the phonebook button. When the user selects his desired phonebook, the contact list will be populated corresponding to that phonebook. Upon clicking on any particular contact, a consult call will be initiated to that contact's number.

  • Transfer A Call: Transfer a call via phonebook, the user has to click the transfer button and then select the phonebook button. When the user selects his desired phonebook, the contact list will be populated corresponding to that phonebook. On clicking any particular contact, the call will be transferred to that contact's number.

Fixed Issues

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Release Test Highlights

Tested with:

  • This Release was tested with UCCE 12.0, UCCE 12.6, UCCX 12.0.1, and UCCX 12.5.1

Important Notes/Limitations

Following are the system limitations/important notes



Related Feature

Queue stats update time must be 20s.

Queue Stats update time must be the 20s and above for HA.

Queue Stats in case of CCE
Outbound call between two agents, can't be consulted.

Outbound call, between two agents (no customer), can't be consulted.

Call Control
Can't consult on a consult call

Can't consult on a consult call (when a consult call is already in progress).

Call Control
Do not login the same agent twiceDo not login to the same agent twiceLogin Agents
Logs will print at the end of the callLogs of the CTI Salesforce connector print at the call end state.Logs
Delete all logs counter will begin from the same pointDelete the logs then the counter will start from the previous point.Logs
One call at a time supportedOnly one call at a time is supported, Multiple calls are not allowedCall
Conference-connected numbers are not correct for a specific scenarioAt a time only the customer and two agents connected numbers are correct if we exceed more agents then the connected numbers appear are not correct.Connected Numbers
Progressive and predictive campaigns are not tested for UCCX  Progressive and preview campaigns are not tested for UCCX  Campaigns CCX

Compatibility Matrix


Expertflow Salesforce Connector integrates Finesse so this guide provides compatibility requirements with respect to Finesse. 

Compatibility Requirements

The compatibility requirements related to Cisco, Browser and Salesforce versions are given below.

We have tested the versions mentioned below.  The Cisco APIs are the same for all the versions. To counter-check, testing can be scheduled before actual deployment.

Cisco Compatibility




UCCE 12.0UCCX 12.0.1


UCCE 12.6UCCX 12.5.1


Browsers Compatibility


Version (tested)


Google Chrome 

113.0.5672.127 (64-bit)


Firefox113.0.1 (64-bit)


The connector will work with all the latest versions of browsers.

Salesforce Compatibility

Salesforce Flavors




Developer Edition





Expertflow Salesforce Connector High Availability is tested with CCE 12.0, CCE 12.6, UCCX 12.0.1 & UCCX 12.5.1 only.

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