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Business Features

An agent can log in on the Service Cloud and logon into the CTI toolbar and can manage his/her state.

Agent State Controls

The CTI toolbar within Oracle Service also allows the agents to manage their states. The following state controls are supported,

  • Ready
  • Not Ready
  • Login
  • Logout

Once the agent is logged in on the CTI Toolbar, Call Controls will also be available to perform the call-related activities. 

CTI Call controls

Controls/buttons on the toolbar change based on the current state of the agent/call and on the telephony event fired from the contact center. Using the communication toolbar, the agent can perform the following actions.

  • Accept an incoming call.
  • Hold/Resume/End call.
  • Consult call.
  • Transfer call.
  • Conference call.

Customer information screen-pop

The caller account popup on call arrival happens based on the caller’s phone number. The caller’s number is matched with any of the Service Cloud Contact’s phone number fields and the popup takes place within the Oracle Service Desk interface.

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