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Solution Components and Architecture

Component level network diagram

Oracle Service Cloud CTI Connector solution consists of:

  • Oracle Service Cloud CTI Toolbar Add-In “EF CTI Toolbar” - it is embedded into Oracle Service Cloud agent desktop as an Add-In component that contains agents controls and CTI functionality.
  • EF Generic Connector - the telephony connector working as a middleware between Cisco contact center infrastructure via Cisco Finesse and Oracle Service Cloud CTI Toolbar

Communication Flow Diagram


Communication Pattern

Oracle Service Cloud CTI Toolbar Add-In

Connects with GC over OpenWire for bidirectional communication

EF Connector

Is a telephony middleware between Oracle Service Cloud and Cisco Finesse. 

It establishes communication with Cisco Finesse via RestFul web servcies on HTTPS, and XMPP - to receive agent's real-time events.

Cisco Finesse

The Finesse sends agent's dialog events inform of notification message (made possible with Finesse notification service) to its subscribers in the GC's Finesse client. 

Data-flow Diagram

Communication Flow for an Agent Login

Below is the description of the communication/data flow paths between the EF Oracle Service Cloud Toolbar Add-In (inside Oracle Service Cloud), EF Connector and Cisco Finesse.

  1. The CTI Toolbar Add-In sends a "Hello()" message to GC.
  2. If the connector is alive and receives the CTI Toolbar Add-In’s request, it responds with a System IN_SERVICE message.
  3. The CTI Toolbar Add-In sends a Connect() request to GC
  4. GC checks if it doesn’t already have this agent’s subscription, it requests Cisco Finesse for agent’s subscription.
  5. The CTI Toolbar Add-In then sends a Login request with agent Id, password, and extension.
  1. If “UseSecurePassword” is set, then agent password is encrypted with Triple-DES before forwarding the request.
  • GC forwards the login request to Cisco Finesse
  1. If “UseSecurePassword” is set, the Connector decrypts the password before forwarding the request to Cisco Finesse.
  • Cisco Finesse shares updated agent state if the login happens successfully. 
  • GC responds with update agent-state and dialog state if there’s already an active call for this agent.
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