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Announcements & Business Calendars

Announcements and Business Calendars allow the contact center managers to create IVR announcements to announce events such as incidents, play product promotions or change greetings. With Business Calendars, managers can create shift timings, change shift schedules and add exceptional openings and public holidays to service the calls respectively.  

Announcements can also be configured to play non-working hours, public holidays on the IVR.

Easy Announcements

An easy announcement is defined to be one or a group of prompts that are played on the IVR to the caller(s), might be calling from a particular region and on a particular Service Dialed Number (DN), during a specific period of time.

For instance, an announcement to announce a planned maintenance activity in a specific region. To add such an announcement, define a calendar date and time to schedule the announcement to notify callers of the system outage, whenever they call in during that time.

Add Announcement

Business Calendars

Business calendars allow contact center administrators to define the working hours of the business and the public holidays. Users can create calendars per site and define working shift timings, exceptional openings, and public holidays for each site. When a call comes in, the calendar API checks the calendar events in the following order of precedence:

  • Exception: Check if there’s any exceptional opening or closing event on the calendar.

  • Holiday: Checks if there’s a holiday event added to the calendar.

  • Active Hours: Checks if the contact center is Active

Calendar Shifts Schedule

Each incoming request is treated based on the response returned by the calendar API. 

Multiple shift schedules allow businesses to define different shift schedules for instance, for Winters and Summers.

Languages & Prompts Management

Users can upload audio prompts to UCCX/E from the application. While uploading, the application validates the file format/size and uploads the prompt only if the file format is correct. These prompts can then be used in playing easy announcements and/or in the call scripts.

Prompt Management


If the Team Administration Module is enabled, managers, supervisors can also define IVR announcements for respective tenants or for particular supervisor workspaces.

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