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Environment Variables

The following environment variables apply to the following microservices:

  • EABC (Easy Announcements and Business Calendars)
  • TAM
  • Prompts 
  • KPIs 

Do not change the default values for non-HA deployment. For HA, use SQL server cluster settings instead of the defaults.


Database connection url

For example:

  • jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<MACHINE-IP or FQDN>:PORT/db_name
  • jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<MACHINE-IP or FQDN>:PORT/db_name;instanceName=SomeInstance
ST_DB_USERdatabase user
ST_DB_DRIVERJDBC driver e.g., net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver

Database dialect e.g., org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServer2008Dialect

ST_DB_PASSWORDSupervisor Tools database password, this is not required if the database password is coming from Vault. See 

The following variables are used for other configuration settings:

Rest of the configurations for Supervisor Tools


Path of the SSL trust store including the name. This trust store should include UCCX SSL certificates if Finesse APIs needed to access via HTTPS
TZTimezone to be used in services, format: Asia/Karachi

This variable is used for the UMM front-end. Provide the URL of Umm :

For Example

SSO_ENABLEDThis variable would enable or disable SSO functionalities on the backend. Possible values are: true or false
TOKEN_URLVault server url, http://VAULT-IP:PORT. If Vault is setup following step 3, then do not change the default value.
TOKENVault master token
CISCO_TYPEUCCE/UCCX (capital case without quotes) 
SUP_VERSIONNo need to change its default value.
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