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Release Notes

Target release13.2
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Document owner@Hassan Sohail
DevelopersSikander, Ubaid, Zaryab
QAHassan Sohail

Change Log 

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Release Notes13.2


Release Summary

This release includes the DB Password encryption in UMM. 

What's New

  • Vault integration for password encryption.

Vault integration for password encryption.

Vault is integrated with the UMM and all other components that need to access the database. The User can save their DB password in it and seal the vault once all components are started.
Configuring and how to operate the vault is mentioned in the Deployment guide. 

If any of the components require a restart user needs to unseal the Vault first. The Vault can be sealed manually from UI or it is sealed automatically if it is restarted.

Open Issues

Issue SummaryPriorityWorkaround
Prompt issue related to the


No workaround

Enhancement in 13.2.1

This is a minor release with the following updates: 

  • SSL support in TAM and Prompts.
  • UCCX 12.5 compatibility 

Open Issues

Issue SummaryJIRA IssuePriorityWorkaround
For a supervisor, prompts are not being uploaded in the assigned folder by the admin



No workaround

Important Notes/Limitations

Compatibility Matrix

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