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System Limitations



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Vault should be unsealed when any component requires a restart. Vault should be unsealed if components need a restart or any of the components is restarted. If the vault is sealed and the component restarted the application will not work.User Management
It takes 5 mins to sync Agents and Supervisors from UCCE It takes 5 mins to sync Agents and Supervisors from UCCE. It happens only when a fresh deployment is done.  It was tested on 500 Agents and Supervisors. User Management
Only 10,000 Callers are allowed to be uploaded at a time While uploading callers in the caller list, only 10,000 callers are allowed to be uploadedCaller List 
Uploading 10,000 callers takes 3 mins It takes 3mins to upload 10,000 callers Caller List
It is advised that two consecutive files should not be uploaded It is advised that one should wait for CSV to be uploaded completely then upload the other after the first oneCaller List
Note that on the front end no message will be displayed that the contacts are uploaded successfully This kind of message is displayed in the caller list logsCaller List
TTL jobs run after every 5 minsTTL job runs every 5 mins. Caller List
It takes 15 mins to Clear a Caller list containing 10k Callers

When we click on a clear call list button it starts deleting in the backend. It takes almost 15 mins to delete 10k callers.

Caller List
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