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Feature Comparison - CBR Vs Supervisor Tools

FeatureDescriptionCBRSupervisor Tools
Easy Announcements Easy announcements let supervisors create IVR announcements on their own. An easy announcement is one or a group of prompts played on the IVR to the caller(s) calling from a specific region and on a particular Dialed Number (DN) during a particular period of time.(tick)(tick)
Business Calendars Business calendars allow contact center administrators to manage hours of operation of the business and add public holidays. Users can create calendars per physical site and define business shift timings, exceptional openings, and public holidays for each site.(warning)(tick)
KPIsUsers can define business KPIs and set/modify the value of the KPIs to customize the call treatment accordingly. This resembles turning a switch on or off based on a certain condition.(tick)(tick)
Caller Lists

Caller Lists help in providing specific IVR treatment to callers based on the caller type.  For instance, giving prioritized treatment to VIP callers or block prank callers.

Users can create specific caller lists and start adding callers to the list so as to provide different treatment to them based on the list to which they belong.

ReportsCustomized reports to report on caller lists and service status. The detailed reports consolidate stats of customers from a specific caller list called on a particular service. (tick)(error)
Business Units/ multi-tenancyBusiness units segregation allow admins to manage different business units or tenants and manage their prompts and announcements separately(tick)(error)
User ManagementUser Management allows managing user roles and privileges of different application users (tick)(tick)


(tick)Fully Available
(error)Not Available
(warning)Partially Available
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