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Release Notes

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Target release date






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Sikander, Ubaid



Release Summary

This release includes three main improvements

What's New

Add a text message in the easy announcement

As a supervisor, I would like to add a text message with an easy announcement so that when a customer initiates a chat, my Chat application can respond with any text message configured with the announcement. I should be able to add either a prompt, a text message, or both under the easy announcement. 

Text Message length can be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of up to 2000 characters. At least, one of the two should be provided; i.e. either a prompt or a text message. The system won't otherwise allow adding an easy announcement without adding any one of them.

Integrating the Supervisor Tools with the new User Management


In this release, the Supervisor Tools is now integrated with a new User Management module having enhanced features and updated UI.

Open Issues

Issue Summary



There is no permission related to caller list CSV upload


Assign "Caller: All operations" for a Supervisor or Agent to upload callers in the caller list

Planned for the next release

Prompt is being uploaded in the wrong folder in the case for UCCE(see steps)


No Workaround 

In UMM, If a particular role is assigned to a lot of users then upon assigning permission it takes a lot of time to assign and remove permissions


If in User Management Module a role is assigned to a lot of users like for example 2500 users, then upon assigning permission to that role it takes approximately 30 seconds.

No Workaround

Names, Numbers, and TTL cannot be updated using a CSV file, in case of the caller list


If the user needs to update these fields in bulk, it cant be done.

It can only be achieved manually

The caller list API should also work with HTTPS


It only works with HTTP for now.

In the case of UCCE, when finesse is down then the prompts list is empty


No Workaround

In the case of UCCE, Agent should not be allowed to log in on Supervisor Tools


No Workaround

[UMM: Application Settings] FQDN is not being accepted from the front end


An IP address is accepted for now from the frontend

Unable to login with finesse when SSO is enabled


There is no SSO support in this release

The profile picture is being uploaded in UMM it is not being displayed in Supervisor Tools


Need to upload them separately in both ST and UMM

Update Supervisor Tools Gadget for new implementation


The Supervisor Tools gadget is not working it needs to be updated

Resolved Stories



Add optional message with announcement

Add an optional text message while defining an easy announcement

Integrate Caller Lists with SupervisorTools

Integrate the Caller List module with Supervisor Tools

Important Notes/Limitations



Related Feature

Vault should be unsealed when any component requires a restart. Vault should be unsealed if components need a restart or any of the components is restarted. If the vault is sealed and the component restarted the application will not work.User Management
It takes 8-9 mins to sync Agents and Supervisors from UCCEIt takes 8-9 mins to sync Agents and Supervisors from UCCX. It happens only when a fresh deployment is done.  It was tested on 2500 Agents and Supervisors. User Management
SSO is not supported for this release  With UCCE 11.6 SSO is not supported yetApplication
HA is not supported as well for UCCE 11.6HA is not supported for now for UCCE 11.6Application
The Application Setting only accepts IP Addresses for nowThe Application Setting only accepts IP Addresses for nowApplication Setting/UMM 
If application settings are not defined for a supervisor/agent If the application settings are not defined then if the supervisor tries to access the Supervisor Tools or User Management  he will not be allowed to log inApplication Settings/UMM
If application settings are not defined for the admin userIf the application settings are not defined then if the admin tries to access the Supervisor Tools, he will be routed to the User Management module so that he can define the settings thereApplication Setting/UMM
Only 10,000 Callers are allowed to be uploaded at a time While uploading callers in the caller list, only 10,000 callers are allowed to be uploadedCaller List 
Uploading 10,000 callers takes 3 mins It takes 3mins to upload 10,000 callers Caller List
It is advised that two consecutive files should not be uploaded It is advised that one should wait for CSV to be uploaded completely then upload the other after the first oneCaller List
Note that on the front end no message will be displayed that the contacts are uploaded successfully This kind of message is displayed in the caller list logsCaller List
TTL jobs run after every 5 minsTTL job runs every 5 mins. Caller List
Easy Announcement Text message supportIn this release now we can add a text message in addition to the prompts while defining the EasyAnnouncementEasyAnnouncement
Easy Announcement Text message supportThe minimum length is 1 and the Maximum 2000EasyAnnouncement 
Easy Announcement Text message supportWhile creating the announcement we either need to select Prompts or a Text Message  EasyAnnouncement
Easy Announcement Text message supportIn the API response of the general announcement IVR, the new line is represented by '\n'EasyAnnouncement
In this release, only EABC and KPI's IVR APIs support HTTPS for now. Caller List API for supports only HTTP for nowIn this release, only EABC and KPI's IVR APIs support HTTPS for now. Caller List API for supports only HTTP for nowIVR APIs

Compatibility Matrix

We require the customer/partner to install the following software on the server.

OS Compatibility

Use any of the following OS. Both are compatible with the Supervisor Tools.



CentOS Linux

7.7.1908 (Core) 

updated to the latest packages (use Yum update)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.4 (Ootpa)

Database Requirements



SQL Server 2016 Express/ Standard/ Enterprise

The customer or partner to install and make it accessible on the local system or LAN. To support High Availability, the partner/customer must set up MS SQL Server in a failover cluster mode.

Docker Engine Requirements


Docker CE

Docker CE 18+ and docker-compose (in case of CentOS)

Browser Compatibility







Not tested

The UI of some pages might not render properly in Firefox.

Cisco Unified CC Compatibility

This release is tested against UCCE 11.6

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