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Supervisor Tools Installation & Troubleshooting guide (windows)

Follow these steps:


  1. Clone the code.

  2. Install python 3.x (for Linux and OSX, it would be there by default)

  3. Install npm:

    • sudo apt-get install npm (for Ubuntu/debian)

    • sudo yum install npm (for Red hat based systems fedora, CentOS etc)

    • brew install npm (for OSX)

    • Alternatively, you can download from here.

  4. For UNIX based systems, elevate the permissions of for execute: sudo chmod a+x

  5. Run the setup script ./

Executing the code needs to be executed to serve or build the code in development mode. Usage details are given below. The name of the service should be same as the folder in root directory of the repository.

usage: [-h] --services {EABC,ECM,TAM,prompt}
                 [{EABC,ECM,TAM,prompt} ...] [--hideumm] (--build | --serve)

starts the frontend server

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --hideumm             Hide UMM from the side menu
  --build               create a build of the front end
  --serve               serve the front end

required arguments:
  --services {EABC,ECM,TAM,prompt} [{EABC,ECM,TAM,prompt} ...]
                        List of all the microservices to include in

Example command: (serve)

`python --services ECM EABC TAM --serve`

Creating Docker Image

  1. Build the code using:

    python --services ECM EABC TAM --build
  2. Create docker image using:

    docker build -t <image name>:tag .

If the above steps are not working, follow the below steps:

OS, Software/Tools & Packages




Node Version


NPM version


Bower version




Installation Steps (Windows) 

python --services ECM EABC TAM --hideumm  --build

Copy the  EABC,ECM,TAM,prompt Folders and paste it to Base/src/app (if you are facing the below errors)

  1. Install Python 3.12.0.

  2. Run Python as Administrator 

Select folder > Base

  1. Delete the package-lock.json file.

  2. Delete node_module folder if exists.

  3. npm cache clean -f

  4. npm cache verify

  5. npm install -g bower

  6. npm install -g gulp

  7. npm install

    if you are facing the node-sass error:

    run the command:

    npm uninstall node-sass & > npm install node-sass@4.14.1

  8. bower install
    Select the 1st option of the JQuery version if not found the existing one during the bower installation

  9. gulp build (if you are facing the below issue run the command ) npm install gulp-sass@4.1.1 --save-dev and re-run gulp build

  10. gulp serve

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