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Finesse Gadget Deployment Guide

Follow the below steps to deploy the Finesse gadget:

  1. Finesse gadget files are in supervisor-tools-deployment/gadget

  2. Update the Backend IP in the EFGadget.js file on line 59

  3. From the host machine, navigate to the Gadget Directory and connect to the Finesse host using the following command:
    sftp 3rdpartygadget@finesseIP , it prompts for a password, put in the password for the 3rdpartygadget user.

  4. Once connected to the finesse machine, use cd files command to navigate into the files folder. Then use the command mkdir EFGadget to create the EFGadget Directory.

  5. Once the directory has been created, navigate into the folder using cd EFGadget

  6. Once you are in the folder, use the command put filename to copy normal files and put -r foldername to copy folders that are in gadget Directory

  7. Once files are copied, log in to https://finesseIP:8445/cfadmin

  8. Click on Team Resources, click on a team, and edit the text that describes the Finesse desktop. Locate <role>supervisor</role> and add below lines after <tabs>

 <label>Supervisor Tools</label>

Login a supervisor with nocache, the supervisor will auto login to the supervisor tools gadget. The supervisor will be able to use supervisors tools in finesse.

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