Team Administration & Agent Reskilling

Team Administration offers the Cisco contact center supervisors to manage team data including agent skills, queues with an easy-to-use user interface. Supervisors work in a workspace where they could see data of their own teams only.

One team in UCCX corresponds to one workspace in Team Administration. Within a workspace, a supervisor can manage all team-related configurations including agent profiles, Queues, Scripts, and Applications.

Agent Administration

This lets a supervisor quickly find agents in the workspace with a profile picture of the agent, change the agent’s skills and the skill level in each skill.

Agent Administration

Agent’s name, user Id and extension are non-editable from UCCX as well as from ExpertFlow Team Administration module.

Queue Administration with drag-n-drop UI

A supervisor can manage queues assigned to his own team, with a drag & drop user interface. The drag & drop controls allow supervisors to quickly re-skill their agents in near real time, for instance to ensure that the queue SLA is met at a point in time.  

A supervisor can see all skill and agent-based CSQs on the same screen with a color differentiator for the queue type. Skill-based CSQs are better visualized in blue while agent-based queues are listed in green.

Queue Administration and Reskilling

Multi-tenant Management with Supervisor Workspaces 

Supervisor workspaces cater to the needs of multi-tenant, multi-department, or multi-site contact centers where each tenant or contact center shares a single UCCX cluster and is managed as an independent workspace from Team Administration.

Based on the team segregation, this permissions-oriented workspace environment eliminates the chances for other users to manipulate other teams' data deliberately or by mistake. This way, the client organizations can benefit from a central UCCX server running behind multiple, small contact centers which are managed independently through Team Administration.

Scripts and Applications

Instead of navigating to multiple CCX configuration interfaces for managing CCX scripts, the ExpertFlow module simplifies the process of creating new applications and makes it a one-step process.  

A user can change an application’s behavior by changing announcements and other script variables in real-time. To do this, the user first needs to add the same script variables on the Script management interface as they are defined in the UCCX script with the same names and variable types. See the screenshot below.

Define script variables

Once they are defined here, they’d start appearing on the Applications page under the CCX application script variables to be modified. All changes are synchronized with UCCX over the APIs and thus, are reflected in near real-time on the CCX side.

Modify script variables in the application

This helps in dynamically changing the overall call treatment and to define actions when the value of a certain KPI gets changed by making the KPI a variable of the CCX script.  For instance, route the call to an expert queue if all agents are busy.

While working in a multi-site contact center with a central UCCX server, this ensures that each supervisor will be able to access and change the application variables of its own site only.

This module is available only for CCX and not for CCE.